First Monday…

…of the year and I have been facing terrible Monday blues since morning. Over the last two weeks, the office kept getting emptier by the day and those of us who did not take off had such fun times. The office was strangely very quiet and literally no one to bug. It was like a paid vacation to most of us who were in office, given the amount of time we spent in the café and pantry chit-chatting. To start actual work from today seemed super daunting and the office has been buzzing with every one since morning.

It is particularly difficult for me, as it feels like I have come to office directly from Chennai. The New Year was well spent in three houses. We started our trip with sister’s house, moved on to my parents’ house and finally the in-laws’ house. Every single moment was cherished and enjoyed to the core. Sleep went off the window and yet, no one complained. We were cocooned in layers of love and warmth. One of the heartiest trips we have made home over the years!

My over-analyzing brain has put together two reasons why I feel so good about this trip – First, I stayed away from my mobile and internet for the last three days. Secondly, TV was not as much given a glance. Although I still felt like time was fast forwarding upon me, all I remember is the quality time spent with my loved ones. Many short and long stories, keep coming back to me in waves and I am reminiscing every bit of it.

I don’t know if this post makes sense, but I had to record it here for posterity and that’s what I did. 🙂


6 thoughts on “First Monday…

  1. I hear you, GB! I used all my vacation for my India trip last year.. So, had to be in office from x-mas to new year. Semma OB .. no one was around. And today, it feels like its all back to normal and no more fun 😦

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