2015 – A Round-up

Continuing with my Blogathon tradition, I am putting up my ‘look back at 2015’ post today. What did 2015 mean to me? The year started with high hopes, as always. Did it deliver everything that was promised – No! But that’s how it is always isnt it – if everything goes as per our plans, life would seem like a factory assembly line.

All I remember about 2015 is happiness. Not that every minute of every day was happy, but probably the reason why I feel so is because S and I finally settled back together – after living individual painful lives for 3 years. I love how the brain works – I hardly remembered any of the hardships we faced (Oh, we have had quite a many thunderstorms our way) and nothing seemed to matter once S was back with me. More than anything I was tired of explaining people our plans and whats going on between us. I cant begin to explain how peaceful it was to have S back in the house. There are a number of things we both missed out over the last three years, but not anymore. We binged on late night movies, dinners and out of the schedule shopping trips. I didn’t have to worry about anything in the world. I love waiting for S to be home every evening from office. That little hug and the kiss that ensues once he’s home are still highly treasured. This is the biggest and bestest thing to happen in 2015 – definitely the highlight.

That said, my Sciatica literally killed me all through the year. I am not a person to believe in superstitions but I strongly feel that I must have jinxed my exercise schedule. I had to be immobile for over half of the year and needless to say, my weight loss plan went on a toss. At one point, if I could walk again – that seemed to be the biggest miracle. S and my parents were my strongest pillars. My parents travelled back and forth for me, stayed with me and tried everything they could to restore normalcy in my life. And where do I start with S? He has done so many things for me but this year, my respect for him has attained new bounds. I don’t know if I would have had the same patience as him, doing everything he has done for me. When everyone kept telling me to forget the pain, he was the only one to understand me. He helped me restore my lost confidence and I really needed that to get back my life. Just when I thought all of it was behind me, my Sciatica came back with a renewed vengence last month. I was shattered beyond words. The numerous doctor visits and tests started sucking out whatever energy was left out in me. I even broke down a couple of times. And then, I made up my mind. I am at peace with this situation and I have to accept it no matter how hard it seems. I want to record this, not because I suffered a lot but because I have made a rebound every single time.

There, my best and the worst of 2015. There are some other things that are worth remembering in 2015 – our adventurous trip to Chikmagalur, keeping my food blog active and posting 163 recipes, reading 23 books of which I loved every single book, falling in love with badminton, trying my hand at terracotta jewelry and a number of movies we watched on the big as well as small screen.

I am really hoping 2016 is all of this *minus my Sciatica* and much more! 🙂

14 thoughts on “2015 – A Round-up

  1. Happy 2016 GB! 🙂

    2015 does seem like a packed and memorable year for you! S and you being back together in the same city is surely the happiest event of the year! Your food blog achievement is seriously commendable, GB- given the fact you weren’t well for sometime too! Wow!

    I have a reader request. Where are the craft and art posts? I miss them 😦

  2. Without further delay, I have clicked the Follow button finally in the food blog 🙌🏻. Can’t believe I was so lazy to login from the desktop site for following it.

  3. So glad you guys are back in the same place and enjoying all the couply stuff that makes marriage fun. Really hope sciatica doesn’t raise its ugly head again. I had it during pregnancy so can understand v v little about it. It disappeared after delivery though. Cannot imagine what you have gone through for months. Really pray that’s it’s gone for good from your life

  4. Hi Green Boochi,

    First time on your blog. You have a lovely space here.
    Loved your words ” I want to record this, not because I suffered a lot but because I have made a rebound every single time.” Very inspiring because I believe life is all about not quitting, no matter what the circumstances are. Wish you a wonderful 2016 and all the best for the Blog Marathon.

  5. More power to you GB & S.
    Stay strong girl like you always have and may you both find love strengthening you and your togetherness like never before with each passing day.

  6. Good that your brain had forgotten to record all the hardships.. 🙂 Glad to know that you guys are finally settled down and is having fun.. 🙂 Wishing you all happiness..

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