Artist Thatha

.. is what the kids at my sister’s apartment complex are calling my dad. Remember this post where I talked aboutย the ice cream stick dining set that my dad made for me? The sister demanded that he made one for her too. As soon as dad reached Chennai, he tried to find good quality ice cream sticks in the locality as most of his lot was left behind with me, what with their trip being a little urgent. During my diwali visit, I handed him his craft materials and he started to work on her dining set immediately. He also created an easy chair (the one that rocks) for her there by settling the account straight ๐Ÿ™‚

My day usually starts with my dadโ€™s good morning message followed by some standard questions โ€“ from asking me how am I and if I have come office to what was my breakfast and what had I prepared for lunch to how is S and if he has safely reached office. Only after answering all these questions, do we get into our regular conversation. Today on the contrary, there was no conversion at all. My dad was not to be seen in our group chat from morning. Amma sends us this picture to show what he has been doing from morning.


Kids are gathered around him, looking excited with what my dad has been creating for them โ€“ a cardboard house. The schools are not yet open in Chennai and most of the kids are super bored staying at home for the last month. When they got a chance to look at my dadโ€™s ice cream stick chairs, they sourced cardboards and other materials to get him to make them a house โ€“ the one with proper doors and windows functioning. My dad being dad, obliged.

I am so glad these kids are enjoying their time with my dad, which is not an everyday sight. I am so glad they are learning something interesting to do in their free time. More than anything, I am so glad my dad got this new title today โ€“ the one that makes me so proud of him:)

Here is the finished product –

PS – Pls dont mind the not-so-good-quality picture. Amma tries her best to capture perfect pictures and then sends us these ๐Ÿ˜€ I had to preserve this photo on this blog, to mark this day!

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