Lipsticks and Food Trucks

Don’t ask me what’s the connection between lipsticks and food trucks – there isnt any! I am person who is reluctant to try anything new. As someone who strongly detests change and also as someone who wants to be in control of anything and everything that affects me, trying new things is not very easy. Even a small change sends me into endless questioning mode and I put myself through a lot before I accept the change and move on.

Although I would like to believe that I am a foodie – I am truly not! As much as I am all game for trying anything new in my kitchen, I have to play safe when I out! So whats all this about you ask? Last night, we ate out at a food truck! My first ever food truck experience, Bangalore Express it was. After seeing TGND’s food truck posts, I was so intrigued and had been waiting to try food at food trucks. Couple of times, our quest for a food truck ended up in vain and we left it at that.

Luckily we spotted Bangalore Express’s food truck in our locality last night. And we finally had the chance to see them cook and taste their food. I ordered the spicy paneer burger and S had deviled chicken burger. Sadly, they were out of starters by then. True to their name, both the burgers turned out to be super spicy. It’s been quite some time we have had such spicy food. While S’s burger had fried egg as well, mine was filled with generous amounts of spicy paneer cubes. Both the burgers are priced at 80 – which is not bad considering that there is no tax and the filling portions were quite generous. My only grouse is that we were not given potato chips as we took out a parcel while the sample burger had lots of chips! S infact offered to buy me an entire pack of potato chips, but no – I wanted the ones that were supposed to be a part of the meal.

Now that I have had my first food truck experience, I am all excited to find the other popular ones! Would I try Bangalore Express again – probably yes. I want S to try out their pulled lamb burger as I never thought there could be an Indianized version. I might try out their onion rings the next time. It would be great if they could have had any dessert options, especially after serving such super spicy burgers and rolls.

Moving on from food to makeup – as far as I can remember Kajal/Kohl has been a part of my everyday life. I never leave home without Kajal unless I am absolutely sick! Apart from my bindi, kajal and face cream – I don’t do anything else for my face. And this has not changed for years. Of late, I am obsessed my lip colors. Don’t ask me why – I have no clue. I have never ever paid attention to those makeup stalls or what those sales girls try to advertise. Although I admire people who have the time and energy to invest in makeup, I never felt like trying it myself. I don’t know what exactly changed or triggered the change, I found myself eye to eye with one of the sales-girls in one such makeup stall, trying out lip colors. Not only did I try, I got one that I liked the most and wore it to office every day last week! At first it was very uncomfortable, what with me being overly conscious of it – I even imagined people looking at my lips in particular. Slowly I got used it and now I would not mind if people stared at me. From being someone with no lipsticks in her bag, I have two now!

Makes me think – change isnt at all that bad right?! A little change is needed to make life colorful, I have realized 🙂


13 thoughts on “Lipsticks and Food Trucks

  1. Indeed… A little change once in a while is all we need to keep us going.. Gud GB.
    We are soul sisters in terms of lip colours..
    I am still not confident to wear red lipstick and I admire those who does.. 🙂

  2. Change is not bad at all.Littlle changes are, in fact, good. They keep the spice in life intact. 🙂

    I am so so glad you got to eat at a food truck, finally! You must try out Le Casse Croute – you’ll love it

    I am glad you got yourself some lipsticks. I am a no-make up person too – I don’t even do kajal and face cream. I have lately gotten interested in cosmetics, though, and am looking forward to bettering my looks. A few months earlier, I couldn’t have cared less about my looks – now, I am interested in improving them. In looking more presentable. 🙂 I have been experimenting with different looks of late – even thought of doing a post, but then left off. We could probably exchange beginners’ make-up experimentation tips. 😀

    BTW, have you tried Elle 18’s juicy lip balms? I am currently in love with their pink shade!

    • I am going to look out for this French truck TGND 🙂 Totally agree with you on being presentable. I did not mind how I looked all these years. I dont know why or when I started wearing Kajal – most of my family does, so it just came naturally. I am still learning to be confident carrying the colored lips 😀 I have not tried Elle 18’s lip balms. My only issue with lip balms is that they dont stay for more than an hour. We should exchange some beauty tips 😀

  3. Yeah, I second that, change is needed to make life colourful 🙂
    Am waiting for my food truck experience here at Hyderabad, heard of some place recently.
    And for the lipstick part, I think I still need some more time to welcome that change 🙂

  4. Hi-five.. Even I was a powder, kajar, bindhi person. After coming here, Jay forcefully made me buy a lipstick one day. We went to buy some cosmetics stuff for his sis actually and the sales girl was doing trial on me and explaining. He liked it and bought a light coffee color lipstick. Infact, that was my first visit to a branded cosmetic store. And once I started using it, I too loved it. But the thing is it won’t stay for a long time. I don’t know how to maintain it. 😛 I wonder how these ladies carry themselves 🙂

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