Life @ Random

** Life seems to go very fast all of sudden, with a blink of eye we seem to move from one weekend to another. Weekends are an altogether different story – my weekdays seem better than my weekends. There are always so many things to do and so less time. My grouse right now – where is all the time going?!

** I wrote my 200th post on my food blog today. I cannot begin to explain what an achievement that is for me, given that the blog was neglected for the last two years. I plan my cooking with my food blog in mind and the family awaits until I complete my photo session with the food. Although it was very difficult to begin with, this is something that we all have gotten used to now. S smirks when I tell him about a new dish, but keeps patience while I finish off my many shots.

** Deepavali this year was very different from all these years I have been married. MIL was down with fever and so was the entire family. On top of it, the minute I landed in Chennai incessant rains started lashing. There was no power which meant there was no water too. Funny how we were surrounded by water yet no water to drink or use. The house seemed dull and damp. With nothing else to do, we all sat together and talked. Talked about everything and laughed our hearts out. It was a welcome change!

** MIL delegated most of the Deepavali snack preparations to us. We all spent hours together in the kitchen – loaded with candles and a lot of laughter, making sweets and snacks well into the midnight. That is how I learnt this Achu Murukku Recipe – one of the most popular recipes from my MIL’s kitchen. She doesn’t understand blogging and I couldn’t show her my food blog. She kept wondering why I had to take step by step pictures on my phone 😀

** One of the biggest worries every day while in Chennai was to deal with the dirty laundry and how to dry the wet clothes. We tied ropes wherever possible, to lay the wet clothes – a sight that has not been so common in Chennai since a few years.

** We avenged the rains by going for Deepavali shopping when it was pouring nonstop. It is some fun to be in Chennai, irrespective of the hot sun or the heavy rainfall.

** With not even a ten min rain-free slot, we almost had a noiseless Deepavali this time. It is this year, we decided to buy some fireworks and all of us took turns to check on the rain situation. When the rain finally stopped for less than half an hour, we had an assembly line of family members to burst the crackers as quickly as possible 😀

** We drove back to Bangalore through the night and it was a completely different experience. The road was as empty as it could get. The rain was continuously lashing on our windows all the through the ride. S and I spoke continuously for full five hours. It is an experience I will never forget in my life. Would I do it again? Probably not. I had the worst hang over the next day and needed two strong filter coffees to get me out of it.

** I took off for the rest of the week, my first vacation of this year. Guess what, I did absolutely nothing. I lazed on the sofa, ate what I liked and passed time literally doing nothing. In a way, felt like one of the best vacations 😀

** Just when things seem to go steadily, we keep hitting the biggest speed breakers. This has been the norm for quite some time now. Sometimes I just feel numb and let go of these issues but there are times, they give me sleepless nights. Hope everything turns out to be okay.

** My best friend is getting married next week and I am super excited for her. She is the last one in our group tying the knot and I really cant wait to see my besties! 🙂

** From being three books ahead of my Goodreads schedule, I am now three books behind. At this rate, I am not going to complete my reading challenge for this year and sadly there is nothing I can do about it. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice (yeah! I am fast like that) inspite of the classic English, I am enjoying it so far.

** Forget facebook, I am super addicted to Twitter and Instagram these days. S catches me with my phone all the time and a couple of times, chided me for staying late into the night checking these apps. How do you peel yourself away from these apps when they are super interesting?!


12 thoughts on “Life @ Random

  1. Cheers to the 200th post.. 🙂

    Diwali was rainy for almost all South Indians this year.

    I can totally relate to the foul smelling wet laundry. Reminds me of the laundry session during rainy reason back home.

    Hope everything would turn okay soon.. 🙂

    Hi five for the IG fever.. I installed Insta out of an impulse a couple of weeks back and had never taken my eyes off since then. Same story here.. Jay requests me a couple of times to stop it and sleep. Then he sleeps off. 😉

    Wishing you a lovely time with your besties.

  2. 200th post, that’s a big mile stone GB, congrats on that 🙂
    Heard about these rains at Chennai, B’lore and all, can’t imagine how difficult it becomes to manage after a point !
    I too haven’t read Pride and Prejudice so far , tell me how you feel about it at the end, will pick it up based on that 🙂

    • Thank you so much FV 🙂 Rains in Bangalore are nothing compared to what Chennai has been facing in the last 15 days. The worst of worst is happening 😦 At the same time, if something of that sort to happen in Bangalore – it would be massive, considering the bad traffic already 🙂

      Will surely let you know about the book. So far I am still struggling with the classic English.

  3. First things first, let’s connect on Twitter cause I am always there. My handle is: @theerailivedin
    I am amazed by your zeal to buy crackers despite the heavy rains 🙂
    Kudos on the 200 food posts. Way to go girl 🙂
    Taking meticulous food pictures with a naughty kid at home is one of my big reasons for not doing any food posts since forever. I know it’s just an excuse for not saying I’ve grown lazy 😦
    So glad to see you have a great time & can’t wait for your post on how your bestie’s wedding went 🙂

    • Opps I missed adding you on twitter! Will do it now 🙂 Haha yes ME, after years we thought of enjoying the fireworks only for rain to play spoil sport 🙂 I am missing your recipe posts, ME 🙂 I understand how difficult it is to take pictures with a kid at home – I have tough time keeping the food out of S’d reach 😀

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