Forget and Forgive

What if the world is 100% forgiving and what if its 100% revengeful – was the topic I had to speak, for my toastmasters’ session today. Both options on the extremism and for obviously choose the idealistic approach – a world that is 100% forgiving. As this happens to be an impromptu speech, I had to think on my feet and these are the exact thoughts that crossed my mind.

Are all of us 100% forgiving? Atleast those of us who claim to forget and forgive easily?! I quite don’t accept to it. A teeny tiny part of our heart remembers every hurtful word said to us or those people responsible for our worries/sorrows. It all definitely depends on how easy is to let go and not to dwell on it. Some of us let go of it easily and others not. But isnt this why we as a world are failing? Everyone is intolerant against something or the other. Every word has to be uttered carefully and every action, with caution for you might offend someone. It seems not so harmful for one person to carry a little vengeance in his/her heart but when this becomes a phenomenon in the name of religion, region, people, color, food and the very basic necessities – manmade calamities happen and innocent lives are lost.

Although a world that is 100% forgiving is too idealistic and not even a remote possibility, I can’t help wondering how great that would be. A world where there is no hatred. A world where everyone and everything is loved, respected and cherished. A world where life is celebrated and not innocent lives taken away for no mistake of their own. A world where everything is fair. Wouldn’t it make earth a beautiful place?! Love should have no boundaries. It’s not like we all are here permanently, so what exactly are we trying to achieve by being revengeful? In a world filled with 100% revenge, I am sure we would not even survive a day but sadly, that’s where we all seem to be headed.

Also, as easy as it sounds it somehow feels too difficult to forget and forgive our loved ones right? Is ego bigger than love? As I keep thinking more, there are more questions in my head than I can find answers. Why is it so hard to just forget and forgive?


10 thoughts on “Forget and Forgive

  1. 100% forgiving is tooo idealistic but I am not supporting 100% revengeful either. Everyone should have the same thought “forget and forgive”. Even if one is not ready to accept that, the ripple effect will affect everyone and we have to forget about “forget and forgive”. Perspective plays a major role here. What’s good for you may not be good for me… But how far we are ready to accept that? We have to be non-judgmental also. This is one interesting topic..
    Missing my toastmasters group.:-(

    • Totally agree with you Sri. Whats right for me would be wrong for someone else and without taking this into account is what some people are operating these days in the name of religion. Yes. Being non-judgmental is the first step towards tolerance. Great to see this comment, you brought in some good points 🙂 Toastmasters is helpful that way!

  2. Very very veryyyyyyy difficult. . To forget or forgive .. especially if both are involved. . I am a person who finds it so hard to forget.. forgive maybe but then no one actually forgives 100% ..We may ignore it but I am sure no one can least I can’t. . I have forgiven people and become friends with them but sometimes what they did does come to the front..

    But yes if we are able to do that then what a beautiful world it will be.

    • Completely accept with you Bik! I am that kind of a person too. I would forgive, but can never forget. As long as I dont carry it as a grudge, its good right? But that is what seems wrong. Grudges and vengeance is whats killing this world.

  3. forget and forgive is easier said than done….but I feel that if we are at least making sincere efforts to do that, we are moving in the right direction. An ideal world is not possible but then one with more positivity & love is definitely possible 🙂

  4. forgive and forget is not easy, but instead of having a heated argument on a certain things i just brush them of my shoulders and walk out of it. Though i will be numb till my heart says its ok.

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