Dove Story or Love Story?

We stay in the second floor of our house and by evening, I see a lot of birds – mostly pigeons, parrots and kites. The kites and parrots don’t come close to the windows or where they is human presence unlike the pigeons. When we first moved into this house, I was quite scared with a constant noise that resembled as if someone’s gargling. With houses being too close to one another, I kept wondering if some uncle from next door is gargling his mouth by our bedroom window – but why would he do that?! One fine evening, I caught a glimpse of some pigeons near the window and that’s when I realized that it was not some uncle, but these pigeons’ cry. These days we’re used to them and on some days I even wake up to their call.

This post is on two pigeons that have been trying to build a nest on our neighbor’s bathroom window for the last two months. Painstakingly, both these birds bring little twigs all through the day. Interestingly, one takes rest while the other works – as if to safeguard the collected twigs. As this bathroom window is quite small, secluded and just enough for these two pigeons – they have been working hard to make it their home. On the evenings when it’s windy, most of the twigs fly off and the pigeons start doing everything from scratch the next day. Couple of days back, I saw a good number of twigs and dried leaves being collected but everything gone now with sudden rains. I am amazed by their perseverance and often wonder if these two pigeons are infact a couple. Seems stupid for me to think so, but these two are never apart.

Last month when parents were here, it was my grandma’s death anniversary. Amma cooked mammagaru’s favorite stuff and wanted to offer some of it to the crows. As it happens, instead of the crows – one of this pigeon came. We offered a small ball of rice and it promptly called the other pigeon too. Together, they pushed the ball of rice off the wall. I was kidding to amma that her MIL didn’t like her food 😀 Amma then brought out some rice grains and soon, these two pigeons were engrossed in finishing their meal. I brought out my camera and started capturing the events. Not only that these birds let me capture them, at one point I felt like they were posing for me.

Here are some of my favorite shots –

One pigeon to the other - "You know.. you are looking so beautiful!" <3<3

One pigeon to the other – “You know.. you are looking so beautiful!” <3<3


What is that funny device you are carrying?!

What is that funny device you are carrying?!

A mirror image of me - You!

A mirror image of me – You!

Aren’t these looking like a couple to you?! 🙂

PS – I know these are not doves, but liked the how the title rhymed and ended up using it anyway 😀


10 thoughts on “Dove Story or Love Story?

  1. I guess this is the story of Pigeons everywhere in the urban areas. On our split AC vent there is very little room but a Pigeon duo has been endlessly trying to build a nest there. We’ve tried to stop them from doing so because all the twigs they collect fall down in matters of hours. But, they have been undeterred to the extent that they laid their eggs there that fell and broke in no time 😦
    Still, the pigeons have chosen to stay.
    I love your photography GB 🙂

    • Opps. That must have been hard to watch. As someone commented on this post, pigeons by nature are supposed to be so, it seems.

      Thanks a lot ME 🙂 I am slowly catching up on the posts, will check your blog soon!

  2. Beware. Pigeons bring in a lot of respiratory diseases. Do not let them nest or entertain in anyway. They also do not let the other birds come and nest. Sparrows are less in number due to the pigeons. Other non-harmful or birds that maintain ecological balances are threatened due to the pigeons. Infact if possible get a pigeon control done.

  3. Yes yes.. I also feel so.. 🙂 Interesting observation n interesting captions.. I loved the second last pic. What about their house? Housewarming over? 😜

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