My Jack of All Trades Nanna

Ever since dad retired, he had been so bored at home. Going back to work was strongly chided by one and all, as it was time for him to relax and not to strain himself. Being a person who is a jack of all trades, he finds some work or the other around the home. Like would find a leaking tap and bring his tools to fix it. Or he would find a broken door stop and he would look around the house to find something that he could fit in. Or there would be some electrical work – repairing the tube-light, building a switch box for additional plugs. So he literally fishes around the house to keep himself busy. Given we stay in a rented house here, his hands are tied for he cannot go beyond a limit. At our house in Chennai, he keeps himself busy all through the day with some work – painting the cupboards, arranging and re-arranging the showcase, clearing out the garden, repairing old chairs and so on. He loves to do these jobs and it’s hard to make him sit idle.

Some of you would laugh if you hear about his ‘dream items’ – foldable three step ladder, Tools Pro, Paint Pro, Drilling Machine, Hacksaw blade, Hammers, Screw Drivers, Wires and Plug holders, Wooden Shacks and the list goes on. Take him to any shopping place, he would be stuck at the tools section marveling at the beauty. Growing up, he used to bind all our text books until we joined college and he was the one to cover our notebooks with brown sheet. They would remain so perfect that the brown covers last the entire year. As long we used our bicycles, he looked after any sort of issue and repairing a punctured tyre – a breeze for my dad. Torn shoes or slippers – he would sit one Sunday and mend everything to be perfect. He has built photo frames for our favorite photos, built a Pooja Mandir, made Pooja room from scratch, stitched clothes for us, made curtains and the list goes on. There are a number of things handmade at our home and all credit goes to my dad.

The last month when parents were in Bangalore, dad was very bored having to sit in front of TV every day. During our visit to Itsy Bitsy, I suggested him to try his hands on match stick art and he seemed really interested. Loaded with a pack of match sticks, he created match stick furniture. Every day he would sit with his measuring equipment, glue and match sticks soon after I leave for work and as soon as I am back home, he would proudly show me his creation. Although match stick art seems simple enough, it is not. It’s time consuming and requires precision. It took him almost three days to come up with this table-chair set and its now adorning our teapoy! 🙂 I challenged him that I could make it faster than him and that’s why he did not make the forth chair, which is now waiting for me to get to it 😀

He also made an easy chair- the one that rocks back and forth, using ice cream sticks. I place my small wooden doll on it and rock it every now and then. To make the legs of this chair and to get them to rock, he applied and re-applied logic to use the ice cream sticks effectively and kept perfecting it with every attempt. That’s my perfectionist dad!

If I can convince him to pick up that pencil or the paint brush, I am sure he would create magic.

Here is his match stick and ice cream stick furniture –





39 thoughts on “My Jack of All Trades Nanna

  1. Wowow you know the rocking chair is most difficult to make ..

    You did not. . Oh no.. see you missed on the 4th chair now..

    Please do extend my regards to your dad..amazing person ..

  2. Oh wow!! I love these!!! I so badly want to create something like this. If and only if, my little starts to understand the difference between his toys & keepsakes!! Sighhhh.. long road ahead..

  3. Woowww.. Easy chair is soo cute. Can understand how much time and energy he has invested from the perfection of all his art works. Now I know the source of your craftie genes.. 😀

  4. Awesome Dad ! Both my Dad and FIL are like this GB !
    FIL so much fits into your dad’s category though ! He’s done the altar at home, built wooden ship, Electronic circuitry and what not !

  5. Oh wow!!! This is amazing GB!! Runs in the family , huh? My parents too, are like your dad. Always keeping themselves busy.. We never have to call anybody to repair, dad does that all.. 😃

  6. Wow… How lovely that looks GB… I can’t imagine how much efforts are gone into this… and that too with such a perfection..awesome creation. Please convey all the praises to your dad..!
    Now I can say ‘like father, like daughter’ 🙂

  7. Wow!!!!! Your dad is very talented, you have great genes girl. How beautifully he has created the set, the precision is amazing!

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