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I can’t believe how soon each month is whizzing past me and for that matter in another two and half months, we all will be bidding adieu to 2015. The month of September turned out very busy for me work wise. Having two blogs and to keep them active is getting impossible. As I completed 100 recipe posts on food blog, my vigor to keep it updated every day is on the increase every passing day. Needless to say, this blog is getting neglected. When I have some thoughts to jot down here, I don’t have the energy to publish the post and on the days when I seem to have little time, my mind draws a complete blank. Sigh. I need to strike the right balance and of late, I feel like I am stuck in an eternal whirlwind. Ok enough of my rant, coming back to books.

Something has come over me recently that I did not read even a few pages all of September. Everytime I started with a new book to find the inspiration, I kept getting bored. Even with some of the good books, I couldn’t keep up my interest. In the very limited time I had on my hands, I conveniently chose to plonk myself in front of the TV, watching food related shows. Ok, I am going back to my rant of finding the balance in life. *bangs head*

Few of the books I read in the month of August.

And the Mountains Echoed, Khaled Hosseini

This happens to be my first book by the author and I should say that I enjoyed reading it. Couple of years back, when I was feeling a bit down and had posted about it – Tharani shared with me the pdf version of this book. I started reading the first chapter right away and conveniently forgot about it. I happened to look at the mail a couple of months back and immediately got this book. The first chapter covers the story of a father in search of his son and is one of my most favorite stories. There is something about the story that fills your heart with grief, the sorrow that those parents undergo and later, fills your heart with happiness, the immense joy that the father experiences on seeing his son again. It touched such a place in my heart that the feeling cannot be put into words.

The rest of the books is interwoven into stories – from different periods. The story of Abdullah and Pari – portraying beautiful brother sister relationship, who very soon would be separated from each other. Each of their lives take a different course and how in the end, they meet each other without even knowing that both of them were living a half-life until then. In between, there is this story about Pari’s uncle Nabi and his employer – yet another beautiful relationship that is quite different. Another story is of Pari’s mother and what she makes of her life.  There is this other story about Markos-Thalia, which I found to be pushed into this list of interwoven stories – nevertheless beautiful as well.

Khaled as an author is an excellent story teller and that is what kept me reading this book. There are some sad moments but there are also equally happy and feel good moments throughout this book. Its high time I look for his other books.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls, Anuja Chauhan

After reading The Zoya Factor, I was super impressed by how Anuja whipped up this wonderfully amazing story based on Indian Cricket team and our superstitions. It was one of the funniest reads that had me smiling to myself for the next few days. With no further delay, I got on to read Those Pricey Thakur Girls and it turned out better than The Zoya Factor. This lady has a natural talent for writing stories super funny. The best part is how masala-fied most of the story is. Infact the story could as it is be converted into a Bollywood movie – that’s how good the dialogues and storytelling is. After ages, I spent hours reading into the night, not being able to put down the book. This is a must read for anyone who loves a fast moving, super funny, cinematic read.

The House that BJ Built, Anuja Chauhan

Impressed by the book Those Pricey Thakur Girls, I picked up its sequel That House that BJ Built. One of the things that worked out for me in reading the first book so late is that I didn’t have to wait for the sequel at all. The story of part 1 was still very fresh and it was like continuing the same book. If Those Pricey Thakur Girls covered the 80s-90s period of India, this latest book is up-to-date with twitter, youtube, facebook and all that we live with 🙂 There are some characters from Part1 along with the addition of new characters – all stuck up in a family feud and politics over the selling of their ancestral property. With a generous splash of Bollywood, what with Protagonist Sameer being a director and Bonu Singh, the heroine being a copy-cat of designer clothes at cheap prices – there is enough comedy throughout the book. Although the book was not so gripping as its prequel, it still was pretty entertaining. Also, the amount of swearing was a bit too much in this book compared to the other books by the author – which was a bit off putting. Keeping that aside, do pick it up if you love Anuja’s trademark work.

To the Moon and Back, Jill Mansel

This is the book I picked up the next day after this happened. The very first chapter starts off really well only to end in a car accident. Within no time, my heart beat increased and I was getting nervous. Everything from over the weekend kept playing in my mind and I was very hesitant to even go on with the next chapter. Thankfully, the book doesn’t dwell on how the car accident impacted Ellie’s (the protagonist) life to the extent that it all turns gloomy. On the contrary, the author shows how she deals with the sudden loss in her life with maturity and how she hates have one’s sympathy around her all the time. More than anything in this book, two things stood out for me – the relationship between Ellie and her friend Roo and the relationship between Ellie and her Father-in-law Tony. Although Ellie and Zack are the protagonists, none of the supporting characters are just name-sake. Everyone has a story of their own and is depicted beautifully. All is well that ends well – I love how happily the book ends and that’s probably one of the reasons why I loved reading this so much. I am definitely going to pick up the other books by Jill.

So, what are you reading now? Can anyone of you please interest me into some reading? 🙂


16 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. After my India trip I didnt even touch a single book. Need to get back to those pricey thakur girls. Started in flight but when I saw my fav movies and shows (read game of thronezz) I kept the book down and happily started watching them. 😉 😉

  2. I didn’t like The House that BJ Built as much as I expected too! But TPTG is my favorite Anuja book yet. Probably ‘cos of the 80s nostalgia. But more ‘cos of Dylan! ❤

    I was introduced to Jill Mansel by Smita and I think I've read about 5-6 books of hers. She follows a template like Sophie Kinsella but I like it that her female protagonists are super strong.

    I am following this comment thread 'cos I am going through a dry reading patch too! 😐

    • Yeah.. I love it for the same reasons. Can relate to some of the events from the book 🙂 Aah I love both Debjani and Dylan 🙂 Probably Bonu was not as good as Deb for me.

    • Err.. WP reader showed only part of this comment.

      I have started reading another book by Jill Mansel. I dont mind the pattern as long as the story goes somewhere. Thats probably why I enjoy Sophie Kinsella too. Sometimes all you need is an easy read, that relaxes your mind.

      Here’s hoping that we both would get some suggestions to get over our reader’s block(??!!)

  3. Nice reads GB 🙂

    I read other books of Khaled, kite runner and thousand splendid suns, I liked them a lot , will try this one too.

    Am reading Shadow Princess now, the last of the Trilogy and am liking it

    Will pick up House that BJ built after this 🙂

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