Happy Birthday S

Dear S,

Three years back, on this very same day I sat all alone in an empty house with tears in my eyes for you were not with me on your birthday. You were chasing your dreams, passionate about your ideas, aiming to reach great heights. I know you really wanted to be with me, but it didn’t work out. Looking back on this day, I am really proud of how you never deviated from your path but on that day, I was really mad at you. You response was very simple – it was your birthday and you didn’t care much about it. Thankfully, your next two birthdays were spent with me – partly because of all the ruckus I created.

I keep thinking long and hard, trying to put in words what these three years mean to us. You wanted to do something different, wanted to try out things, wanted to go behind your dreams. I did not want to be the force to pull you back and let you decide whatever you wanted to do, even though our parents were vehemently opposing the very thought. There were a lot of struggles and a few important lessons we learnt in all these years. With both of us staying away from each other, living our lives on phones, travelling back and forth – it was frustrating at times. Our life was so nomadic that we both did not know where our time went into. I would be lying if I said it was a smooth ride for us. With me staying alone, there was always a nagging thought at the back of your head and most of the times you were split between me and your work. But it was a decision we both made and stuck to it till the end – that’s what is important. At the beginning of this year, you told me that you had been thinking of moving back to Bangalore for quite some time– believe me – that’s the best news I ever heard. Given how less you express your feelings, I knew what you meant when you said you miss me terribly. I fell in love with you all over again. Now that you are with me, nothing else matters. I don’t even remember the last three years and don’t wish to recall it ever again.

Year after year, I write about your patience and perseverance. More than ever, you seemed to need these two virtues every day of this year. I am so so thankful it all paid off and let me assure you, everything is going to be alright moving forward. Remember this, the victory tastes sweeter only after crossing many hurdles.

You are my rock solid support always and this year especially, the way you took care of me during the worst of my Sciatica, I am left speechless. You never once twitched or snapped at me, on the contrary treated me like a baby. It doesn’t matter if we don’t go on fancy vacations or dates, if we both have this unconditional love for each other – cant ask for anything else. What did I ever do to have you in my life, I really don’t know. This year I notice a great change in you. From being the lazy bundle that you were, who required my constant nagging to get some things done around the house, you have turned into this responsible person who does so many things around the house – I am super amazed by this transformation. There still are times you become this little boy – you play with anything and everything. You notice a round shaped thingy – especially a fruit, you play ball with it – all by yourself until I come and get it from you. Leave you alone in a room – you sing to yourself, find a small thread or object to play with entertaining yourself. One of these days, I plan on recording this secretly for I find this very sweet.

You did not want anything for this birthday and have been vehemently opposing every plan I propose. The fact that you asked me to cook a simple meal at home instead of going out, makes me very happy but at the same time makes me feel guilty too! Please please let me celebrate your special day!

S, I wish you a very happy birthday. I cant thank God enough for bringing you into my life. Stay happy and blessed forever. Be the nicest and sweetest person you always are.

Always in love.

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