Catching Up

First of all, thanks a lot to all you sweet blogger friends who commented on my last post. For the amount of tension I underwent I would have exploded if I had not posted that blog and read all your comments. I owe you all an update but things were pretty crazy on the work front and I hardly had time to reply to the comments or give a quick update. Amma is doing ok now, although she is a bit weak. All her other reports have come out normal so at this point we are thinking that the stress is the culprit. Thankfully, I was successful in convincing my parents to stay with me for a month and they are with us now. Amma being amma has taken up all the tasks in the kitchen and I am having trouble making her sit for even a couple of minutes. Sigh. S keeps giving me stares and lectures on how the parents were supposed to take rest and not do all these chores – but will amma listen to me? NO. She keeps saying that this is what gives her happiness and I am letting her be. Dinners and weekends are taken over by me – that is how far she will let me go. Amma also happened to meet with her aunt in an impromptu visit and that has had some good effect on her too. I am working out a plan to make her visit our other relatives in the town and as well take her for some meditation classes. Hopefully everything should be normal.

After what seems like ages, I painted again 🙂 This beautiful picture of Radha-Krishna had been with me for so long and had been planning on attempting it with water colors but that didn’t seem like happening at all. Last to last Sunday I bugged S until he got a canvas board and started to work on this painting. Surprisingly, I was super satisfied with Krishna but was not at all convinced how much ever I tried Radha. After multiple failed attempts, I started working on painting the colors. Unlike oil colors, water colors were a breeze to work with but again, the artist needs to have super control else everything goes wrong. I consider this a crucial step in my process of self-learning drawing and painting. After every attempt of painting, I am intrigued to try more, push myself harder and think of atleast a hundred things that could have been better. I would not call this painting perfect, but still this holds a place in my heart for I put my soul into this 🙂

Here’s my interpretation of the New-Age Radha Krishna –



10 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Great to hear , things are fine!

    I think new age Radha & Krishna are looking fantastic! Especially Radha’s face send me hundreds of thoughts, everytime I see her:):)

    Keep going Girl!

  2. Missed your earlier posts, so couldn’t comment in time. Trust me when I say this GB. I really, really understand what you must have gone through. We had to rush my mom to the hospital in the middle of the night last week and only I know what I went through. I also Googled her symptoms while waiting for her scan reports and what an awful awful idea it was!

    My mom’s reports too are okay and after being hospitalised and poked by IVs for 2 days, she is fine now. She has even recovered from the severe weakness she had. I had written half a post but never got a chance to complete it. I’ve decided to let go of this episode and not recap it. Just felt like sharing it with you to tell you I really relate to how you must have felt.

    I tell myself that all is well that ends well. I’ll say the same thing to you. I am so glad your amma is okay. God bless her with good health 🙂 Allow her to work around your house, I say. Not working stresses them out more. Atleast now she is in front of you, so you needn’t worry.

    And that painting is breath taking!

    • Hugs Pepper. I am so glad your mom is fine now. I too can understand what you all must have gone through. Its really tough accepting that our parents are growing old and these things are happening to them – whatever be the reason. And googling medical stuff – never ever doing that again. What a terrible idea that was, it kept showing me all sorts of words and thinking about that evening is still giving me chills.

      Thank you so much for your well wishes 🙂 Will pass them on to amma! So true about what you said.. not doing the household work stresses them out 🙂

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