The one where I am random

You would think that I had been frequenting this space and that I would have written about everything ? No. There are so many things I have to put down here and I can’t really help but come up with this random post.

** First things first, my cousin brother whose marriage was such a happy reunion for all of us last year had a baby boy last Thursday. We were all bubbling with happiness and I officially became an aunt! Only that the little one managed to put us through a lot of tension in a few minutes. He had to be kept in ICU for 5 days and even his mom did not get a chance to look at him properly. Thankfully, God answered our prayers and both the mother and baby were discharged yesterday. I really can’t wait to see his picture now and has been torturing my brother to send one soon.

** Last week saw us host S’s younger brother, who was here on a business trip. As much as it felt nice to have some guests, I was severely sick with cough and flu. Talk about the timing. Sigh. Not only could I stand in the kitchen, I could not get anything done around the house – thanks to the flu. He was served upma and similar stuff for 4 continuous days and it’s a miracle he still continued to stay with us.

** I have been watching a lot of Malayalam movies and has enjoyed every one of them. The movies are subtle and beautifully made – a contrast from most of the commercial movies in other languages. I have become a huge fan of some stars, especially Nivin Pauly. In fact I have seen almost all his movies 🙂 Had been thinking of posting a few movie reviews, should get to it soon.

** I have been reading what some would call “Chick-lit” and I have realized that nothing can make me happy than reading a good book. Most of the times, I can relate to the female protagonist and a number of times I have caught myself smiling while reading. Now that is exactly the kind of books I  need. I don’t see anything wrong with this genre to be made fun of.

** Things are super crazy on the work front. You would call me insane if I am to say there is not even a minute to spare all the while not being working on a project. That is my life right now.

** I have been updating my food blog on every weekday from May 23rd. Soon, I would hit my 100th recipe of this year post. All this definitely is making me happy, but is also eating away my leisure time. S is visibly upset that I sit with my laptop even after coming back from work, preparing for the recipe posts. It takes me atleast an hour to come up with proper pictures and content every day. As much as it adds to the busy life, the accomplished feeling on looking at the published post and few comments – priceless!

** After almost a week, I going to play badminton again this evening. I can’t believe I am saying this – but I have missed this sport 🙂 S on the other hand has succeeded in making me watch even the IAAF World Championships this year. This is a huge leap for someone who hates watching or playing any sport.

** I have been planning on cleaning my wardrobe since so long, but nothing has happened so far. This week, I have been wearing clothes from 7 years ago to work that few people asked me if they were new. Of course, I have to escape from the multiple stares S gives me whenever I take out my old clothes. What to do, I am a person attached to my past and can’t let go of anything. Sigh.

I think that’s all for now. How have you all been?! I am catching up on the posts that I have missed since this week 🙂


17 thoughts on “The one where I am random

  1. Congratulations to your cousin and his wife and everyone around them .. GOd is great ..

    and badminton I am sooooooooooooooo bad at that game my kid sister use to defeat me always and that tooo with a big difference .. 🙂

    lots of random things .. but then not random 🙂

  2. Seriously.Posting recipes takes time yaar. Cooking is the easiest part here 😉 Mostly I involve kiddo and M also in this process which makes it fun and at times you get tooooo many comments too. Take care and get well soon.

  3. -Congrats on becoming an aunt…I am one and know the joys of aunt-hood 🙂
    -Its sad your BIL missed your awesome looking food, hope you are better now :/
    -I enjoy reading chicklit every now & then and yes, books should never be made fun of, irrespective of their genre.
    -I hope things are in control now at your workplace…take care!
    -100th recipe…wow! 🙂
    -Good to hear that you r resuming your badminton, even I have started my morning walks again, after quite sometime. 🙂

  4. You are lucky to fit into clothes that are 7 years old. I just dug some out and asked my mom if she can open some seams out so that I’d fit. 😀

    And about your food blog, can you give me some daily lunch type vegetable recipes and variety rice recipes. I am bored of making the same things again and again.

  5. Kudos on 100 food posts GB. Though I haven’t visited your fab food blog lately, but I am 100% sure the recipes would surely be drool-worthy (like always).

    Hi5 on loving food, badminton and books. I know exactly what you feel ♥

    Kudos girl on fitting in effortlessly on clothes that are 7 years old.

    Hope the flu and cold have left you finally. Take care dear 🙂

    P.S.- Sorry on missing out many of your posts in the middle. How is your back pain now? I hope you are feeling better by now, it’s been a long painful span for you.

    • Thank you for taking time to write this comment ME 🙂 I am slowly getting back to normal – few days are better and then there are days it comes back. I am trying to detach the physical pain from the mental pain and focusing on doing my regular tasks 🙂

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