Four and counting…

So WordPress tells me that it’s my blog anniversary today and I registered this blog on WP four years ago on the same day. FOUR years huh?! Seems pretty long and yet too short.

I am a person who has never made friends very easily all my life. In fact I had just my BFF until I was in standard 12. I have to comfortable with the people around me and it always took some time for me to open up to a new person. Thankfully by end of college, I had five best friends. So, for an introvert person like me, blogging was like a boon. Unlike in the real world, I had to apply no filters here. I have written what I liked to write and have poured my heart into this blog. As a matter of fact, the readers of my first few posts were my sister and husband. I seldom expected anyone else to read my random blabbering. I am not really sure how it all started, but soon had many blog friends. Though virtual, they have been with me through the thick and thin. I can say that my blog friends know a side of me that not even my best friends know. This is the special bond we all share.

Bursting with happiness, I blogged.

Down with sorrow, I blogged.

Something bothering me, I blogged.

Drew or painted something, I blogged.

Cooked anything new, I blogged.

Had a fight with S, I blogged.

Missed my parents or sister, I blogged.

Had pointless thoughts, I blogged.

Had nothing to share, I still blogged.

I have pretty much blogged about everything in and around my life. And there has always been similar minded people around me, to cheer me up, to pat me in the back, to give me suggestions, to hug me or to shower me with love. If I had not taken that drastic step of creating this blog four years ago on a bored day, I would have missed out so much in life.

Here’s to many more years of blogging and blog friendships 🙂


34 thoughts on “Four and counting…

  1. I absolutely love reading you. I guess, you are the only one who had been regularly posting of all the blogs I read. Kudos to you. Happy blog anniversary! Keep writing!

  2. GB 🙂

    I love reading you and though not been commenting lately but I am always lurking around 🙂
    Here’s to many more years of blogging and blog friendships Indeed!!!

    • Thanks a lot Sri.. I saw your comment last night eh.. but couldnt reply from mobile even after ten trials… I have watched almost all Nivin Pauly movies (big big fan girl).. Thatatin Marayadu – will get to it. Thanks for all the other suggestions 🙂 I watched Premam too – liked it a lot.

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