Uncertain life

My hands are shivering and my heart is beating very fast. Tears are just pouring down and I cant stop thinking about the past incidents. Sorry, if this going to spoil your Friday evening or the weekend- I have got to share this somewhere or else my heart would burst.

One of my team mates passed away in a horrible accident near Chittoor. The car had rammed into a diesel truck so badly that the car was almost below the lorry. All the adults including his wife and parents passed away on the spot and his son is the only one alive – with no injuries at all. I am sick to my stomach and so numb not even sure how to react. Should I be happy for the kid or sad?! God is so so cruel. They were on their way to Tirupati and then this happened. What kind of sick joke is this, I fail to understand.

The Chittoor highway happens to be our route to Chennai 99% of the times. I know how narrow those roads are and the terrain is hilly at some places. Add to it a few blind turns and very bad roads, it is not one of the best roads. But tell me, which highway is actually better in our country? Or for that matter, how many drivers are actually careful and attentive? This highway has number of buses, lorries, trailers and heavy duty vehicles all the time. You should see some of these drivers trying to overtake on those narrow roads, you would be so high on adrenaline. Or in my case, the heart beats in my mouth. There have been more than couple of times, we escaped narrowly due to S’s timely actions. As much as I love long drives, I am scared seeing a lot of idiots on the road. Especially on highways like these, I see motor bikers looking at their mobile phones without even a helmet or cars driving so rashly just to get high on adrenaline. And then there are long distance heavy duty vehicles being operated by drivers, who we know for sure must be sleep deprived. Sigh.

At present, my thoughts are with that little boy. May God give him enough strength to endure this. I dont know what else to do.. though I would like to complain on God and say he is so cruel, I go back to Him as my only resort. Please God, let the world stay safe. Don’t shatter families.


29 thoughts on “Uncertain life

  1. I have been trying to type a comment but I am at a loss …. This is so sad … While I always try to think everything happens for a good reason, but these are the times when I question by beliefs….I hope the little boy has enough love and support around him to pull him out of this tragedy… I will keep him in my prayers. Hugs !!

    • I have been question God ever since I have come to know of this news, MTW. I hope the boy would be taken care by his maternal grandparents, but no one can really replace his loss. Hugs right back, MTW.

    • So sad, Prachee. The boy is fine physically. Only has a little scratch on his forehead but is in a terrible mental shock, quite understandably. Would take him a long time to recover.

    • He is 7 years old Pop. He has seen everything live and has endured so much in such a tender age. He is the only one to escape with something as little as a scratch on his forehead. Mostly his maternal grandparents will take care of him but he would miss his parents for life. No one would be able to fill the void.

  2. Cruelty is a form of reality delivered to us in life. I don’t know what that poor boy did to deserve such a punishment. I don’t know whether to be glad that he was gifted with life or to cry about what life would he have with all his family gone. 😦 Heart-wrenching this is..

    • So true Keirthana. I am in the same state too – should the little one be considered lucky or unlucky?! He escaped with just a little scartch and has seen everything live. He may not remember everything given his age, but would surely miss his parents for life. Sigh.

  3. Oh god! Life is so cruel. Who is taking care of the child GB? I hope your friend and his family rests in peace. I hope and pray that the child is taken care of!

    • Arch, not really sure who will take care of the child. Mostly maternal grandparents. You are right Arch – life is cruel. I dont know what did the boy do to deserve such cruel punishment. He is all of 7yrs old. He saw everything live and has escaped with no injuries at all. He would take a long time to recover the mental shock for sure.

  4. OH god.. . why does this happen , sometimes i question god too. Life is sometimes so cruel, in a second everything just goes. I dont know what to say .. my condolensces .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. oh my god! how can life be so cruel!!
    I can totally understand your condition; last year a similar thing happened with a colleague of mine who lost his wife and new born baby in a car accident (the baby was born after many years of their marriage) 😦

  6. What a tragedy! Hope the little boy is able to come out of this…What a devastating loss for him and the rest of their family.

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