The Joy of Sharing

I have a weird quirk – I can’t eat anything alone. Nothing new right?! But no, what I meant was if I get even a small treat, I have to share it with my loved ones. As long as I can remember, I have been like this. And I take after my dad in this regard. During our childhood days, every evening on hearing his bicycle bell, we would rush down the stairs to welcome him. On opening his tiffin box, on some days we would find a small pack of mixture or a laddoo or a piece of mysorepak and on some days a couple of bananas. He never had anything that was offered to him at the office and instead would bring it home. Amma and Nanna would happily watch the sister and me share the treat between us. I am exactly like him, my nanna. I don’t think this is because of his influence, as clearly I had been doing it myself from even before I can remember. There are a couple of instances that Amma keeps telling me often.

This happened when I was about a year and half old. Amma had bought me an ice popsicle one afternoon after she saw me happily waving at the ice-uncle. After eating about half of it, I was adamant that I wanted to share the rest with my dad. As dad was at office, I decided to store the rest of the popsicle in a steel tumbler. Even after amma kept telling me to eat it for it would melt, I saved it for dad. Needless to say, all my dad had was some flavored/colored water on coming back home 😀

Amma often tells me how I used to stand with her in the kitchen right since I started walking. On one such day when I was about three years old, amma had given me some fried grams to keep me busy. Not only did I eat my share, but had fed my sister who was less than 6 months old then. She did not even have any teeth and the brat that she is, kept giving loud happy squeals on every feed of mine while swallowing the whole fried gram. Amma was terrorized on finding what I had been doing. On enquiring, my simple reply was that I wanted to share it with my sister.

Having a younger sibling who loved, followed and doted me, took this sharing to a whole new level. Somehow I have always felt responsible for her. I clearly remember this incident from when I was in standard 1. A birthday boy was distributing chocolates to the class. After having half of that toffee, I repacked the rest for my sister home. Ever since, I have taken back home every single candy I have ever got – no kidding. At times, the sister and I would meet during the interval break and each of us would take a bite of a single toffee. Even after growing up, through the high school and college, I have taken any snack or treat home rather than having it myself. I feel a tinge of guilt eating any treat all by myself and I really can’t have it even if I force myself. Funny enough, I don’t and have never expected the sister to do the same. But needless to say, she started following this too. Even today, we save our special chocolates or treats for both of us, to share when we meet.

Surely, all of this is because of the way we grew up. Though we had everything that we needed, special treats meant they were for special occasions only. Today, most of the kids or even I could go to a shop and buy the bulk of goodies available for no reason at all but that was not the case growing up. I didn’t want my sister losing on tasting something and always wanted to share with her. I know that’s the reason why dad’s tiffin box had those small goodies too.

Wondering what triggered this post?! Yesterday I got a toffee at office and immediately my hand went over to my bag to save it for S. Oh yes, I still do it and there is an unexplainable joy in doing this 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Joy of Sharing

  1. That triggered a good nostalgia.. It used to be the reverse for me and my brother. My bro would finish of his share quickly and pester me to give some from my share of snacks. I used to refuse for a while and then pity him and give him some more… Till this day, we joke about this and laugh.

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