To the people who landed on my blog from google search

Of late, I have been paying attention to what kind of search terms are being used by folks that land on my blogs, probably because of this picture copyright issue. As I had been taking note every passing day, I can’t help but laugh out loud for some of the search terms used by these fellows. These are some of the search terms on my blog over this month.

So, to all the people who landed on my blog via these search terms (as it is) –

http://www.dura puja commings – what is your felling for dura puja man? If dura puja commings means you will have fellings and land on my blog ah?!

amma nanna marriege day kavithalu – I am happy and all that you came to my blog searching for kavithalu, that too for your amma nanna marriege day. Sorry – no kavithalu here.

amma dad familytelugu marriage – so your amma and dad family had telugu marriage?! My amma dad also had telugu marriage. Same pinch 😀

any comparing vacancies in vijay tv for female – first of all, why would vijay tv hire you to compare? And what do you want to compare ma – that which mega serial is worse than sun tv/jaya tv/Kalaignar tv ones eh?!

amma naana nems walpepar com – seriously dude! I can’t understand what you tried to search even. And you landed on my blog. Sigh.

naturo chocolate – You there – don’t you understand Naturo is not a chocolate?! dad wearing – OMG! Why is your dad wearing saree?!!! And you wanted to find such a website. Sorry wrong place you have come.

i love to ware interst in ware sarees of my mom – what are you even trying to say?! You want to wear your mom’s sarees – go look in her cupboard and not in my blog.

cycling in vandaloor zoo – if you get to do it, let me know how it was ok?! Sadly, I never had the chance. Sigh.

finding nemo silpkar – Not sure if you will find nemo in silpkar but for sure can’t find it in my blog.

painting lord ganesha giving birthday cake – Poor old Ganesha, after posing in all possible ways, he now has to pose as if giving a birthday cake too?! Too much to ask I would say.

melika muggulu designs |simple most popular muggulu| new melika muggulu |muggula books – all you people who searched by trying different combinations, let me assure you – there is just one single post with few basic muggulu. Hard luck.

mom make me woman and puy on sari – OMG! Your mom sounds like a scaring person, otherwise why would she make you a woman and put on sari?

amma nanna quotes – Let me get back to you after I speak to my amma nanna and quote it here.

hot aunties wearing saree | Hot saree wearing aunty | good looking aunty in saree etc – All you creepos, get lost from my blog. I wrote one post on my love for saree – that too when I was in standard 4 ok?! You will definitely not find that *something* you are looking for here. Good bye!


12 thoughts on “To the people who landed on my blog from google search

    • hehehe or in other words, creepos love my blog. Can you believe it if I said this post – “My Love for Sarees” is one of the top posts on this blog? All thanks to the weirdos 😀

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