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I don’t know where to start or what to write. Every other day I feel like writing a post here and even make mental notes so that I don’t forget what I wanted to write about. Would you believe that I had more than 5 topics in my mind to write about but have no clue what they are now? Sigh.

** In the last 20 days we have been oscillating between being extremely happy to being extremely sad – just like that. And we have no control over any of the happenings. When I feel let down, S consoles me and when I see him all silent, I try to talk him out of it. It’s as if some cruel joke is being played on us. Hope we come out of it soon.

** Reminds me, it’s been about a month I have lighted a lamp in the Pooja room. I don’t want to say I don’t believe in Him for I do but I don’t feel like doing some rituals which again are making me so guilty, especially given that life seems totally unstable like this. What should I do?!

**Ok now that the rant part is over, moving on to other stuff. I have been cooking up a storm in my kitchen. I am amazed how I have posted recipes on my food blog every single weekday and some weekends from May 22nd until today. Almost two months and 46 recipe posts in total. Yay!

** Every weekend, I begin by planning all the dishes I would post for the upcoming week and prepare my posts every day. It does take a lot of time and I would have S staring at me sometimes but nothing matches to the joy of seeing your post getting published. Hope my enthusiasm continues for good.

** While I am on my kitchen stories, I should mention my love for new serveware too. People around me think I am going a wee bit obsessive, collecting new serveware wherever I go. I have always been fond of my kitchen utensils and now with this love for food photography it’s reaching new heights. I am proud to say that I take after my paternal aunt in this regard 😀

** I recently read The Zoya Factor by Anuja Chauhan and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like reading through a movie script with its elements of fun. Complete entertainer that one. Contrastingly my next book was The Mountains Echoed, which turned out to be a wonderful read too. I am back to Anuja Chauhan, reading Those Pricey Thakur Girls – so far loving it!

** When I was in Chennai couple of weeks back, the MIL very dearly packed me atleast a 20 drumsticks. I even proposed to S that we make a stop at Wallajah Sandhai and put up a shop – otherwise what would we do with those many drumsticks?! Ofcourse I love them and everything. I have frozen them and they are quite handy that way!

** On the Chennai story, I missed seeing my parents as they were on another trip. On a bright side, I spent a day with the sister and we even went for shopping. We also interchanged couple of our tops – just like the good old times 🙂

** Our badminton practice has been going on regularly and this is the only activity I don’t have to push the husband for. Yesterday, S got up at 6.30 in the morning for badminton. On a Sunday. At 6.30am. He has been appreciating me for the improvement I have been making. Eeeeee! 😀

** I recently joined Toastmasters club in our office and infact gave my ice breaker speech too. I got a standing ovation, as is the norm (which is a confidence booster) and also won the Best Speaker of the Week title. I look forward to attending the session every week now.

** While on the office stories, I made a team photo collage for a contest in office and we won the first prize! It really felt awesome collecting the prize money 😀

** Watched quite a few movies in the last month, most of which I loved. Kakkamuttai, Uthamavillain, Baahubali and Piku stand out distinctly for me.

** A month back, just like that I created my twitter account. Though I am still learning the ropes of it, I must say I love it and prefer it anyday compared to Facebook.

** I don’t understand this urge of some people to only talk about your weight. “Lose weight – oh you are doing too much exercise. Gain a couple of kgs – what happened?! You are going fat again”. I have stopped giving a damn about these people. No one knows what I go through or how my life is. Then what gives them the right to judge me? Last time someone said I have put on a litttttle bit weight, I said it’s a miracle that I am standing or walking and that I am not bothered much. Hmpf!

** Over the weekend, we had to get our wifi router serviced and I can’t begin to talk about the traffic of this city. It took us over 2hrs to cover a distance of 18kms. When the lady at the counter told us that it could get serviced by evening, we had to hang around near-by for the next 3-4hrs instead of spending the same time travelling back and forth. I am telling you, I swear I would never step into a mall or food court on a weekend given a chance. I absolutely HATE malls and mall-wandering. Thankfully our router got repaired earlier than expected and we reached home by late evening – thanks to the traffic again. One entire day gone. Just like that.


20 thoughts on “Life @Random

  1. Hi GB,

    No worries time will flies and make everything better.. God always will have his own judgement on us.. Don’t lose hope! All is well (Nanban Style) :D. And, one thing, I’m really impressed seeing your food blog. Really great.. And u r inspiring me to do a food blog too where I guess we can share our recipes here… I do all my Malaysian foods! Sure u will enjoy it!. .. All your photography skills are amazing n amazing from those days. All the best! And don’t get down for anything.. cheer up gal! I’m missing your arts.;

    • Thank you for the reassuring words Pattu. And thanks for the compliments on the food blog too 🙂 Oh yes, you should totally start blogging about your food. I would love to read and try it out 🙂 Yeah… I have not been able to spend any time with my arts.. All my time is gone cooking these days 😀

  2. Congrats on the award at office GB 🙂
    And it doesn’t look like the usual GB, when u speak so dull and low as in the starting of the post, cheer up as you have always been earlier and as you have been in the rest of the post. I hope all the issues get solved soon and u get back to your usual happy state.
    I too liked Zoya Factor, yet to start the other one 🙂
    And Bahubali, we r done once, planning to watch one more time in couple of weeks 😉

    • Thank you so much for such nice words FV. Hope things soon fall into right places.

      Oh wow.. Even I wouldnt mind watching Baahubali another time. It was a wonderful experience 🙂

  3. you are missing something biggg…. lady check out papanasam and you will be hell happy on seeing it.. following your food blog hoping to do it any time soon but will keep you posted on that front.

  4. i am too waiting to watch Bahubali.. these are the times when i really wished i stayed with my husband.. or else no movies for me.. :(.. tried ur rasmali recipe.. it came out really well.. 😛

  5. hey congrats and loads of movies huh? I recently saw baahubali too great one. We made a sudden trip to blore this weekend and tell me about the traffic.. I felt I spent most of the time in road… 😦

  6. I hope you & S feel better soon!
    And yes, I am amazed by the amount of posts you are coming up with, in your food blog. Also, i must add the photos are simply awesome!
    The Zoya Factor is in my to-read list from quite long, will have to read it soon.
    Its good to hear that your badminton sessions are going well 🙂
    I am yet to watch Baahubali, and I loved Piku too. 🙂 btw do you watch Hindi movies? If you do, do watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan, it has a beautiful story.
    As for those people who talk about weight all the time, I plainly ignore them. As long as you are healthy, it does not matter.

    • Thank you for your wishes M 🙂
      hahaha hope I am not overwhelming everyone with my food posts 😀
      Pls do read The Zoya Factor – I liked it so much and hope you do too 🙂
      I do watch Hindi movies M, but not very often. I have been hearing a lot about BB too, should watch it soon 🙂
      Yeah, ignoring them seems to be the best option 🙂

  7. I love such update posts of yours a lot GB 🙂

    So many things to comment on that I have forgot half already 😀

    But, but, but this is are on Twitter…yahoo..

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