Sports Challenged

If there is a term ‘sport challenged’, it was invented just for me. As long as I can remember, I have never played anything in my life. Even while growing up, I was satisfied with a few card games or Thayapas or some board games. Physical activity or sports were never my forte. If I had some free time, I would conveniently pick up a book and study my subjects rather than going out to play. In fact, I would be the only one to not take part even in a small running race at school. That’s why a photograph of me waiting to run for a short sprint is so cherished at home – well, it was from my LKG days 😀

Once grown up, you don’t have to find reasons to stop playing any sport. Blame it on studies – the 10th , 12th boards and the hectic college life. Thus, my life was devoid of any sports. I used to be interested in watching cricket and remember having a crush on Ganguly but soon after entering college, even watching sports was put to rest.

S came into my life and soon I realized he is a sports fanatic. Not only did he watch all games, he played most of them too. He was on the district level team for basketball, played badminton as a hobby frequently, played cricket at college and had everyday football practice with his friends in the local ground – all these apart from the games of carom, chess, cards etc. First, I didn’t know anyone who was athletic and played many sports. Secondly, I was super scared for him every time he played football. They were all quite aggressive and quite often S would come back with a bleeding foot, broken nail or rashes with slight blood on elbows and knees. He would hardly have time to message/call me the entire evening and the girlfriend that I was during those days, felt very possessive. But mostly I was scared that he would hurt himself ok? Because of me, he quit playing football altogether.  Now that I think of it, feels pretty big. To give up one’s passion for someone else. Whenever we cross a playground or a group of players, S almost stops looking at the game and I have to literally pull him off from that spot. And that kind of tells me, how he misses it. But he ended me with me, didn’t he?! 😛

Being married to each other for four years, we both have imbibed some of the traits from each other. Like how S likes to cook or take part in my artistic ventures. Like how I sleep for an additional hour during the weekend. Like how S gets up early in the morning for our walk. Like how I took a liking towards egg. Like how S watches romantic movies with me. Like how I watch English movies with him. Like how we both watch many sports today. Yes. He has kindled enough interest in me to sit for hours watching sports. Not just that – couple of weeks back I was interested enough to try a game of badminton – all thanks to him. Milking the situation immediately, he took me over to a sports shop and got a couple of racquets. We immediately set out to play.

Needless to say, I was bad. Exceptionally bad. If I could hit his shot for once, that’s an achievement by itself. Well, what do you expect from someone who has never even touched a racquet before?! If there were on-lookers, I was worse. S would patiently teaches me a couple of times on how could I have hit the shot but I would do the same mistake. Couple of times, he lost his cool. I swore never to play badminton again. I even asked him to find himself a new partner. But come next day, both of us would enthusiastically pick up our racquets again.

Two weeks now, I should say I have improved tons. I still miss some of his shots and my service literally sucks. He has been trying to get me to do it correctly since three days with no luck. But.. but.. I am playing. I have developed a fond interest for the game. I don’t bother about who is looking at me or if I am bad. I laugh silly when I make a mistake and the smile spreads onto S’s face too. So what if my right hand muscles proving that they exist by paining or that I have to run here and there with my troublesome left foot or that I make S bend down a number of times picking up the shuttlecock? We are having fun and that’s what matters the most.


18 thoughts on “Sports Challenged

  1. good job GB.. glad to read that you are getting back to your normal self.. I love badminton too and play with Adi and M on some evenings if LHB allows us to play.. We keep him as monkey in the middle 🙂 It is a very good family sport..

  2. I love playing Badminton but am am bad at it 😀 In fact I am like you; the only sports that I played were indoor games!!! 😀

    Good luck for learning new things 😀

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  4. This summer I played Badminton with my tenant while Moo used to be our referee. She would squeal ‘eeeeee’ whenever the shuttlecock fell on the ground 😀

    Good to know that you two are having fun 🙂

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