Kakka Muttai

Last evening, I was lucky enough to catch a show of this wonderful movie – Kakka Muttai and ever since I watched it, my mind is filled with nothing but scenes from this movie.

*spoilers ahead*

This is a story of two brothers – Chinna Kakka Muttai* and Periya Kakka Muttai* who are from a slum in Chennai. Their father is in jail and her mother works hard to feed her family that includes their grandmother. They are dropped out of school, pick coal from railway tracks to earn ten rupees every day. One day suddenly a big pizza shop comes up in front of their slum and during the inaugural ceremony, film star Simbu takes a bite of the Pizza. Ever since, these two kids desire to taste the pizza that costs them their one month’s income. The rest of the story revolves around how they take up different jobs around the city to save money to buy themselves their first pizza.

The brothers live in a dingy-hardly-enough-for-one kind of a room house and often wish for things that they can never afford, understandably so for kids their age. Like cell phone. Like television. Like pizza. When both their mother and grandmother bring home the free tv from ration shop, they sound super excited to be the only house in the slum with two televisions. When they keep seeing such satiating, mouth-watering visuals of pizza from the commercials on their televisions, their desire only keeps increasing. When they ask their grandmother to buy them a pizza that costs 300 rupees, she resolves to make it herself – with dosa batter and vegetables at a cost of just ten rupees. They get tricked into believing their grandmother knows about pizza making only to find that it’s just ordinary dosa with cut capsicum, tomato and onion slices on top.

They go picking coal every morning directly in the railway godown with the help of their railway employee friend Pazharasam and keep saving the money instead of giving it over to their mother. When they have saved enough, they happily go to the pizza store but are not allowed to enter for they are from the slum. They still continue their quest for the pizza and at the end, how they succeed in getting into the pizza store in style and take their first bite of pizza.

Those two little boys. Kakka Muttais. What expressions. What emotions. What acting. I felt like going inside the screen to hug them tightly. Aisshwarya, who played their mother acted so beautifully. She cant provide to the many wishes of her children but that in no way means she loves them any lesser. The grandmother character was so beautiful too, with all the typical traits. How she indulges to every thought of the little boys, smiling her toothless smile. I had tears in my eyes most of the scenes but had a smile plastered on my face throughout the movie too. I loved how the director paid attention to the tiniest of details, giving much importance to the many emotions of the characters and showed subtly how there is a huge difference between two extremes of our society – the rich and the poor.

There is one scene that impacted me so much – a father buy his sons bags of new clothes and yet they are unhappy as he denies them pani puri from the street. On the pavement are these two kakka muttai brothers, thinking out a plan to go inside the mall in their shabby clothes inspite of having money. They need new clothes so that they would be allowed into the pizza store but are quite sure that they would not be allowed inside the garment store first.  Shows starking difference between the thought processes of boys from different classes of the society. And how easily we dismiss or judge someone based on their appearances.

The movie ends on a sweet note after the boys finally taste their first pizza and their reaction to it. Their life doesn’t change. They still live in the slum. They still go picking up coal every morning. Their father is still in jail and their mother still works hard to make the ends meet. Nothing changes, understandably so in a country like ours.

Pls do watch it if you get a chance. One of the best movies ever made.

*Chinna Kakka Muttai – Small Crow’s Egg

*Periya Kakka Muttai – Big Crow’s Egg


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