..he welcomes me with a cheerful laugh as soon as I am home and sends me off with multiple tatas when I start to work.

..he chides me when I try to walk fast on the road and reminds me that I have to slow down every minute.

..he minds not when I disturb him by blowing soap bubbles on him, even when he is very busy.

..he is fast to criticize any dish that I prepare for him, for he likes the most spiciest of foods.

..he enjoys arguing with me, pulling me into discussions that are not related to me, turning ordinary statements into hot arguments.

..he pretends to go into his angry mode immediately after any such heated argument swearing never to talk to me.

..he is the first to break into a smile as soon as I see him the next morning, with no trace of an argument.

..he is seen with a diary and pen anytime of the day and that is only when his mobile is on charge, else he is busy bursting bubbles sincerely on his many mobile games.

..he gets deadly stares from me for watching the most dumbest, most irritating soaps on multiple channels through the evening.

..he gets pretty excited when I ask him for the story of one of those soaps, and explains how he knows what happens next.

..he finds reasons to get tensed even when life seems smooth, earning my stares again.

..he happily hides both his cheeks as soon as I am in the room, for I love pulling his cheeks and rubbing his head.

..he searches for the plant suggested by my doctor going around many different streets, brings home the biggest of the leaves, not minding the scratches of the thorns just so that my leg gets better soon.

..he readily agrees to help me in my kitchen experiments to become my partner-in-crime.

..he threatens to hide my Kindle when he finds out I have been reading late into the night.

..he smiles brightly spotting me on the road unexpectedly during his morning walk.

..he brings up multiple questions on his mobile and the installed apps as soon as I sit next to him.

..he is my official hi-five partner and enjoys pulling Amma’s legs every now and then.

..he loves his tool box and gets super excited when there is some repair at home.

And he is my Nanna. It’s with him I have the most heated arguments and it’s him who provokes me to raise my voice. It’s him who behaves as if he doesn’t care about his health and it’s him who gets tensed at the drop of the hat. Not a single day would pass without the both of us arguing. Amma plays the referee between us and tries her best to change the *potential trouble causing* topic. And yet, when it’s time for the parents to leave, he becomes this kid all of a sudden. All of yesterday, he tried to cheer me up and when that didn’t work out, he had a long face too. When I cribbed that this week is going to be so tough for me getting used to missing them, he replied it’s going to be super tough for him too. He hugged me tightly and planted two kisses on my cheeks, leaving me teary eyed. We continued all of this sulking and miss-yous until Amma called us both big drama-queens.


18 thoughts on “Him…

  1. Aww, what would we do without our dads? I too fight with my dad every other day. He will never show it out but secretly misses me when I am not at home.

    This also reminded me of a similar post I wrote about my bro 🙂 Thanks for the nostalgia.

  2. aww.. a heart warming post.. a big bear hug to you both and your sweet relationship.. stay the same drama queens you two. that adds more meaning to life 🙂

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