The one where I am random

When the thoughts are incoherent, stick to bullets is what I am following today.

** My leg pain is much better *touchwood 1000 times* I can sit for more than 20mins, sleep through most of the nights and walk for short distances without crying out in pain. I still have to recover and I know it’s a long way as the electric shocks keep coming down my foot everytime I stand up/walk. My respect for the doctor who treated me all the way from Chennai has grown multiple bounds. When I met him the last time, I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and I know that’s just not enough. When my hope was all lost, he and his medicines helped me see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. I have become a strong believer of Indian medicines and have been advocating them to others in my office too.

** My favorite time pass these days – no prizes for guessing – cooking! My parents and S can’t understand how/why is it that I want to tire myself standing a long time in the kitchen trying new things with this leg of mine. It kind of gives me a peace that can’t be explained in words. Cooking has always been my stress buster and in times like these, I find it very comforting. I am also quite enjoying the process of photographing food these days.

** I guess I can now safely say that successfully revived my food blog – posted 11 recipes from last week, which is way higher than what I posted the entire of last year. I feel elated with every like and comment I receive for the posts – special thanks to Srividhya who has been commenting regularly on my posts and has awarded me as well – yay! 😀 I don’t know what got over me, I created a Facebook page for my food blog after procrastinating it all this while. Do follow for regular updates 🙂

** I finished reading the Harry Potter series and enjoyed it quite a lot. What twists and turns! All the books kept me on my toes and were literally unputdownable. S, who was lazy to read through the books resorted to watching the movies and forced them on me as well. Every minute saw me cribbing while watching the movies- can I say that there were times I hated the movie Harry?! Sigh. Wish I had not watched the movies. S on the other hand felt that the movies were ok.

** Watched 36 Vayadhinile and OK Kanmani finally. To say that I loved both these movies would an understatement. Both the movies have pretty simple story lines but are highly impactful. I can watch them over and over again.

** I kind of like the climate of Bangalore these days. Evenings are quite chilly with slow drizzles and dark clouds. Mornings are equally beautiful too. If not for the conked computer, thanks to the lightning and internet not working, thanks to the broken cables – I would appreciate the weather much more.

** Parents found the sourest, pickle variety of mangoes and have made a batch of Avakaya and Maagai – the specialty Andhra pickles.  It was sight to watch both Amma Nanna work together. Nanna is the mixing expert while amma is the recipe master. Though the pickles were made in a couple of days, their discussions still continue 🙂

26 thoughts on “The one where I am random

  1. Leg pain? What happened?

    Wow..the food blog made me want to eat mango phirni right away!!

    I want to watch both the movies, heard many good reviews..also I like the mental manadhil song..Moo thinks its a rhyme 😀 rained for just ten minutes and the climate has become so cool!

    • Hehehe you have to catch up 😀

      Thanks Visha.. prepare it right away I say 🙂

      Mental Manadhil is awesome no? Lol – why it can be a rhyme 😀

      Yeah it was super good last evening 🙂

  2. Hope you feel better soon.. Thankooo for the mention. 🙂 Between I liked OK Kanmani too. OMGGGG Nithya Menon. Gorgeous and loved her costumes.. yet to watch 36 vayathinile. Saw the malayalam version though..

    • Thanks Sri 🙂 Yeah! Nithya Menan is gorgeous. I loved the chemistry between Dulqueer and her – chanceless. I loved 36+ for Jyothika – she is a treat to watch.

  3. So, so, so happy to read your first point. Glad the pain is better. One step at a time. Come here… *phooo…phooo*.. That’s me blowing some magic healing dust your way. Now the pain will be gone before you know it. You see!

    PS – I started drooling over your food blog and couldn’t stop the drool from flowing.

  4. Glad that your pain is receding. Get well soon! Your food blog is bookmarked but the only thing is I am a very very amateur cook and hence will take a long time before I try some of your awesome recipes. But I will eventually 🙂

    Harry Potter movies are the nightmares for Harry Potter book fans. I felt cheated when I watched them for the first time, but then learnt to make peace with them because all movies taken from books are the same.

    • Wow – a new name! Love it K 😀
      Thank you so much for such nice words – every one of us start as an amatuer, so its ok, take your time 🙂
      Exactly!!! I kind of wanted to break my TV every time something was made just for the 3D effects – it was pretty lame.. cutting short on important details but having some funny scenes for 3D?! Sigh. Yeah, no movie made from book can ever do complete justice to the book.

  5. Great to know that you are feeling better!!!

    Lemme hop over to the food blog 🙂

    Psst send some rains and chills 😀

  6. Good to know that you are feeling better GB, wish you a very speedy recovery.

    Even I watched both the movies, one in Telugu and one in Malayalam. Am assuming How old are you is the one you are talking about. And I totally totally loved both the movies.

  7. Liked your FB page 🙂 will soon try some of the receipe too..
    I liked those two movies too and the songs vaadi rasathi and mental manadhil..
    Pickles slurppp .. I love avakkai pickle curd rice combo..
    Glad to know that you are recovering GB. You are in my prayers. Take care

    • Thank you so much Ani 🙂
      Yeah, vaadi rasathi is such a beautiful song – I love the visuals too. And mental manadhil… sigh!
      Wish I could send you some avakai pickle right away 🙂
      Thanks a lot for keeping me in your prayers Ani. I am so touched. Thanks again 🙂

  8. So so glad to hear that you are getting better and better….hugs!
    And your food blog is amazing, even I am surprised by the no. of posts you put up….but if that makes you happy, keep them coming! 🙂

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