Its been a while I talked about food no?! That’s why I am back with some of my recent food pictures. Also in other news I am trying to bring my food blog to life for the 4265th time. I neglected it big time last year with not more than 5 posts – yes just 5 posts when I had been cooking every single day. Last week I suddenly felt very guilty about this fact and decided I should act. I am making serious plans to keep it updated with new posts every week. Whats helping me in this regard – my new camera of course. When I am confined to the four walls of the house, thanks to this stupid sciatica – all I could do was use my camera to click something interesting around me. After attacking the plants and pigeons my focus shifted to food and now food photography is one of my new found loves. I am very much an amateur and still learning the ropes but what better way to learn than to practice?

Few times now, I forgot recipes. Of the food that I tried and we loved. Of the food that I planned to prepare regularly. Of the food I wanted to update in my food blog. I realized that I should have taken note of the recipes, just as a reminder to me if not for anyone else. Why is it so important anyway?! Because I call cooking my passion and to neglect my food blog would be a crime. I am going to be sincere with my food blog this time and putting it out here makes it feel real. I added a widget to show the posts from there onto here, so it would be like a kottu when I realize I am ignoring it again.

Now a few pics from the recent times –

Homemade Rasagullas


Red Rice Cabbage Coriander Adai 


Chapathi Noodles 


Mango Popsicle


Few recipes are already updated and I am going to share many more pictures and recipes every week. Please do visit my food blog and show me some love there! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Food…Blog

  1. I am so happy to see this post! 🙂 I have bookmarked quite a few recipes from your food blog – waiting to try them out. Gorgeous pics!

    I have been trying to do a lot with raw mangoes this season, and many of my experiments are up on my blog. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot TGND 🙂 I remembered you while writing this post – you had once asked me to keep the food blog active – hopefully I should keep it going this time. I have been checking your mango recipes, many of them are new to me 🙂

  2. All the food looks so yummy GB….and i love the way u write a little story with each post…keep going..
    Ps-I could nt find the follow button there…need help..

    • Thank you so much Prachee.. All my food memories are from my childhood and I cant help recollecting a few 🙂

      There is a follow button on the right hand side widget bar.. Not sure why you are not seeing 😦 By the way, are you viewing the site on mobile? In that case, the follow widget might be at the very bottom of the page. If you still dont have luck, I can enter your mail id 😛

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