Five Point Friday

I started reading Harry Potter last week and am on the 4th book right now. I really don’t know why I didn’t pick up the books earlier. When I was in standard 12, my BFF’s dad got her one of the books of the series on the same day it was released. Needless to say, she was over the moon. It was fascinating to see someone taking an effort to procure a highly demanding book on the first day paying a bomb – considering all of us were from middle-class backgrounds. On the other hand, I failed to understand what was so special about the book then or until I started reading. On the good side, I don’t have to wait for the books and that way I am thoroughly enjoying reading them back to back.

I am back to baking these days. It all started with the pizza workshop at work one day and I kind of realized how much I missed baking. Have been making pizzas, cakes, cookies, baked veggie pasta and chunky lasagna every now then. For the past three Sundays, I baked a cake at home. The parents are not very fond of chocolate/cocoa flavour and hence, I have been making different flavoured cakes. Eggless Apple-Raisin cake has been a super duper hit at my home and has already been made twice. I should post the recipe on my almost dead food blog.

I am feeling very unstable these days – there are days when I am really very happy and then out of nowhere there are days I feel so low that I feel like my world is falling apart. I am not able to pinpoint one specific thing and I am not able to share these feelings with anyone else too – not even S. I just try to remain calm and look at the bigger picture, which helps at times. Hoping to come out of this phase soon. Had thought of putting out my thoughts here, but then I need a bit of clarity right now. May be later.

During our trip to Chikamagalur, we stopped at a nursery on the way back. Almost an acre of land covered in different types of plants and amidst stood a beautiful house. The first thing that hit my eyes was the basil plant. On enquiring the price, my jaw kind of dropped down – it was given for just fifty bucks! I grabbed it with both my hands along with a couple of button rose plants, a red Bangalore rose plant and a flowering cactus plant. Unlike the rose plants from the local nursery, these plants survived for more a month now and have been flowering too. I learnt few tricks this time around and we now have tiny basil saplings around the main plant. Amma and I planted some mint stems in an empty pot and now we have a small bush of mint that has blossomed well. We also planted some coriander seeds and after waiting patiently for more than two weeks, there were tiny shoots all over the pot last week. The plants are now giving out a second leaf and I can actually see coriander! I just touch the coriander and mint plants and I can smell the sweet fragrance of them on my hands for mins after. Hope I have not jinxed my little victory now!

Start of this week, I was part of a vendor training where the trainer was so so so bad that I despised signing up for it. Being unprofessional (he showed us a picture of him lying down in a lawn during the intro slide) is one thing, but being boastful of his training skills (which were totally non-existent), I couldn’t stand him. The questions were dodged as much as possible and when cornered, he would cover them up somehow. Ask the same question thrice – he would only give the same blabbering as reply – atleast he had that skill.. Hah! The best part is, he was not even seeking feedback at any point of time. One of my team mates did a facebook search (the many uses of Fb) on him to find that he graduated only in 2012 and in his own words – “Guys.. trust me, this is not the first time I am handling this class, I have done this many many many many many times, and will be doing it again, again and again and again.” Not sure what was he trying to convey, but he made a complete fool of himself. Sigh. I couldn’t help but report on him to his management. And for the worst part, we will have to take up this training again – I am hoping it’s not with the same guy! Sigh.


20 thoughts on “Five Point Friday

  1. I loved this five point post because it sort of gave me a fair idea of some of the many aspects of your life that I missed reading in the past year and a half.
    You are a baking champion, irrespective of the fact whether you blog about it or not.
    Love the way you’ve grown your home garden 😀
    Putting the most important point last. I too haven’t read the Harry Potter series. Not even one line and I often think its time I should, because in no time Pari will be grown up enough to read the series. I think I am going to pick the series this year 😀

  2. ughhh. typed a long comment but lost it….
    Here goes…
    HP: Awesome. Love the series.

    Theunstable bit : Been there. Don’t worry as long as you bounce back.Hugs!
    The trainer sounds hilarious…lying down on the grass bit.
    Cheap little basil plant…wow! Envious. Enjoy the pesto and pastas and pizzas

  3. I feel like baking now. If only I could bake and not eat!

    I was like that with Harry Potter. For ages I refused to pick them up, only to finally read them and curse myself for waiting that long. Hold on, did you say you were in school when Harry Potter books were released! God, I feel like a grandma. Sigh.

    As for that trainer. What a nightmare. He clearly has issues..

    • I bake to my heart’s content and push everything onto the husband’s plate. Unfortunately I belong to the category of people who put on weight even by drinking water 😀

      I think the 4th book was released when I was in 11th 🙂

      Oh yeah he has issues but guess what, he never asked for feedback once. Such high confidence he has.

  4. Wow, Harry Potter now? I was a crazy crazy fan of HP, still am. I used to feel ditsy about waiting for the book to be released. I don’t want to spoil your reading by discussing the books now so enjoy them to your heart’s content 🙂

    Baking? Sigh! I am not fan of baking but a big fan of eating baked goods 😀
    Feeling all the over the place is something I am also trying to handle.
    My mom loves gardening and right now we have coriander and a couple of button roses in the small space we have in front of our home.

    Poor trainers? Tell me about it, I have had enough of them already!

    • Its been a week or so I have read anything. Should get back to reading.

      Same pinch on the coriander and button rose plants 😀

      Errr..hugs. I so hate bad trainers and this guy was unbelievable. Sigh.

  5. Hi GB,

    – Harry Potter! 🙂 Of cause you should enjoy it … The unstoppable read tho.
    – Yea please give live to ur food blog…. I miss ur recipes 😦
    – Don’t worry GB… everything will be fine. We are here for u… “All Is Well” 😀
    – Congrats for ur new baby plants ya
    -So bad ya! Good u make complaint. And funny english ya .. hehehe “many many many many…………………….” :p

  6. You know what, I have not yet read any of the Harry Potter books as yet ….dont ask me why!
    Do share pics of your amazing-sounding garden 🙂
    Also, even I am having mood fluctuations these days and the people around me have to bear the brunt; I am trying hard to control the emotions, lets see how i fare…

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