Life is full of firsts right?! I had a couple of firsts this week, quite memorable ones.

I took part in 5K walkathon that was organized in my office yesterday. Until Wednesday night, I was skeptical about my plan. Not that walking 5K wiould be difficult, as I walk for more than 6Kms every morning but then this week was very stressing and I was not feeling quite well. And most of my morning walks are around 6.30am when its still cool out there whereas the walkathon was not to start until 9.45am. Given the humidity and hot weather in Bangalore these days, I was not sure if I would have the required energy. As I woke up yesterday, I felt like giving it a try having not done any community walking before. There were more than 300 people taking part – including men and women. I started from almost 10th or 11th row from front but could soon overtake many people. By 3rd lap, I had overtook more than 15 men and a number of women with no one ahead/behind me for 20mts. Of course I didnt win any prizes but I completed the walkathon. Infact I gave my best and closed the 5K in about 38mins. This happens to be my personal best so far! For the rest of the day, I was on such a high that I spoke of nothing else. Oh yes, I was a tad bit disappointed for not standing in the front when the walkathon started, but then atleast I completed and had not given up.

Today we had our team outing and it was decided that we would celebrate Holi with our office mates in a resort. Having not played Holi so far in my life, I was very skeptical if I should go in the first place, let alone play. Even though I packed extra set of clothes, I had not made up my mind even after reaching the resort. I stood in a little corner where I thought no one would see me, but then my team mate came with lots of colors in her hands and asked me sweetly if she could put a small dot. I agreed reluctantly and the next second I was smeared with colors. Before I could try to take it in, color waters were sprayed in my direction. With nothing more to lose, I jumped in too taking loads of colors with me sprinkling colors on anyone I could see. Soon every one of us were with our pichkaris  and we sprayed colored water on each other until we were all completely wet. We didnt spare the few people who didnt join in and soon had cakes of different colors on us. Thats when suddenly the rain spray was started and no one realized that we were playing Holi in the rain dancing area. With an awesome RJ, peppy music, lots of color powders and artificial rain, we had super fun playing Holi. Every ten mins, one of us would take a little break and would be treated to fresh color powders, water ballons and pichkaris. Thankfully the colors were organic and there was no shortage of water – I had colors in my eyes, nose and mouth too. While the taste of green was ok, pink/violet tasted horrible. After almost two hours of playing, we stepped out. I was looking close to a monster by the end of it and funnily enough, I had not carried a towel or soap. Thankfully, a good soul lent us her body wash and after multiple failed attempts, my face looked decent enough to come out. My eyes are still burning from all the colors and water. My legs are wobbly from all the jumping around (not to forget yesterday’s walkathon). My nails are painted bright red (I dont even remember what colored nail paint I had before) and my sandals are in deep purple. My forehead and hair has a hint of pink. But I dont mind any of it, cos I had the best ever team outing today. I played Holi for the first time today and I am so glad it turned out super fun!

 Now that the weekend is here, its seems most perfect.


25 thoughts on “Firsts…

  1. Great weekend you have had! I have always wanted to participate in a walkathon. The last I participated was for NCC in college. And holi, how I would love to let go and play, but I am allergic to colors, even those organic ones. So it is a big no for me 😦

  2. First of all, congrats for your try to walkathon under the super hot sun. Seriously nowadays freaking hot GB. Even at my place the same.

    And it’s awesome you described your Holi day… feel like I’m on the same boat. 😀 😀 😀

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