Dear S,

Can you believe that we have been married for four years already?! Even after forty years, I am going to sound as surprised as today. As always, I look back on the things I have told you before we could even think of marriage and how you have changed them for me. Not even in my wildest dreams did I think that there was a teeny-tiny chance of getting married to you. Whenever our topic of discussion steered towards the M word, I would carefully explain you why it would never work and why you should not waste your time for me. Every single time, you would say – we will make it happen. Frankly, I thought you must be crazy. Crazy for sure, but crazy with your confidence, crazy with your love for me, as I came to understand. The day did come, when both our parents accepted our choices. It still feels like a dream to me. I have never been a rebel, atleast not infront of others. I always went by the norms of the society and everyone around me knew me only like that. In their eyes, I was a very good girl who would not do anything other than what her parents want her to do. When I decided to marry you, I became an outcast immediately. No one wanted to come for the wedding, but come for it too – to see who is this guy I chose for myself going against all the norms set by them. Some cursed me, for they thought what I was doing was wrong. Some were envious of me, for they could see what you would do for me. Some were truly happy and some had their stomachs burning. Amidst all this, IΒ got married to the best person who loved me with all his heart and some more. If I am called an outcast for it, I’m more than happy.

Remember the first time we talked to each other? Last night I was trying to picture us – seeing you for the first time in the bus stand, trying to hide my face for I didnt want to talk to you, sneaking off slowly and then suddenly seeing you infront of me, talking to you for the first time and much to my surprise -going back home together in our bicycles, exchanging phone numbers. When I completely forgot all about you after going home, you stuck on to your word and sent me the first message. That started our journey and here we are today.

Even today, I see us as best friends more than a married couple. We are least bit romantic. We have no cute nick names for each other. We are pretty much ok calling each other loose or korangu which would shock anyone around us. You still continue to and find new ways to irritate me everyday. I continue to get on your nerves, making you do things my way. Our point of views differ on almost everything. I talk a lot and you let me talk. You love to sleep and sometimes I let you sleep peacefully (sometimes being the keyword). Our ideas for life are very different. I am a planner, you are a happy-go-lucky person. I get tensed at the drop of the hat, you are the most cool headed person. You still dont understand why we should clean our house every Sunday and I am bored explaining why. We both are very different people. Yet, we have managed to stay under the same roof for all these years. Ok, we both are away from each other for the past two years – but then that has not affected us right? Its like going back to the college times, living life on mobile phones. The best thing is, we both love each other – no matter what.

Tell you what, even if I was given a chance to go back and change portions of my life – you are one thing that I would never want to change. However cheesy it might sound to you, you are my everything and choosing you was not a quick decision. Couple of days back, you were telling me how wrong was I to choose you while you made the right choice choosing me. I don’t know what made you say so, but as usual I am not going to agree with you. Times might be testing us today. One thing is sure, I can not think of my life sans you. Only at times like these, I am reminded of what we went through to be together today and this deserves every bit of struggle we went through.

As a newly married girl back then, I was showing our wedding pictures to my hostel mates and I clearly remember what a girl then told me – S’s overflowing love for you shows in his eyes. You are one lucky girl.Β So true that is. I’m not even sure if I’ll ever be able to match your love for me.

Happy Anniversary S! Here’s to many more happy years πŸ™‚


Dear Sister and Y, Wishing you both a very happy wedding anniversary too πŸ™‚ Stay blessed and happy forever πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Four

  1. Happy Anniversary GB and S πŸ™‚ That was an interesting love story, wishing you loads of happiness in all the coming times πŸ™‚

    And Happy Anniversary to your sister too πŸ™‚

  2. That was straight from the heart full of love. One if the best things I read today. Kala tikka! Wish you and S a very happy Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary.

  3. πŸ™‚ That’s so sweet, cute, romantic and lovely. I was wondering if you really don’t know how much you love the guy!. Read what you’ve written. The post is filled with your love. I’m sure he knows that well. πŸ™‚ But I do agree that you are lucky to find such love.
    Happy wedding anniversary. And wow, your anniversary is on valentine’s day. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day.

  4. Congratulations to both of you, GB…wishing you many more happy returns of this day. This post tells me so much about you and how you met S and how you had to face problems to get married…but it feels like a teaser of a movie. I am curious now…you should write in detail or maybe I should read your archives to know the complete story😊

  5. A very happy wedding anniversary GB & S…here’s wishing you many more years of happiness..! Anniversary wishes for your sister and her hubby too…!!
    Looks like February is a month of celebrations for you πŸ™‚

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