Looking back on this day…

It’s around this time only, four years ago – I was all decked up and ready to go for something that would change my life forever.

A day that felt more surreal than the D-day. Up until S sat next to me after a series of mishaps, everything was very uncertain. Else how can one explain this?!

First it was the cook who betrayed us by not turning up, inspite of his confirmation. We had a house full of guests and no food. For a minute, I was totally shocked. Of course this was not the first problem and definitely not the last – from the moment wedding date was fixed. But this was a big blow. Amma very quickly took matters into her hands and I can’t thank enough my uncle & aunty who stood by amma in the kitchen for the entire time.

If things at the kitchen were taken care, there was a bigger issue looming around us. I accompanied dad to the hall where our engagement function was to happen, to settle the amount for food and only then did we come to know that the same hall was booked by one more party. In the last minute, what could be done?! We were apologised multiple times and were promised of an alternate arrangement. We had to accept to it reluctantly as there was no other option. Mil very sweetly agreed to have everyone over at her place, by we didn’t want give such trouble at the last minute. Too many things to worry about.

Guess what happens when I step in to the hall in the evening.. The mandap had not been set only. At one side were all guests arriving. The function had to start then, what with the good time etc. At one side our proceedings were going on and the other side few guys were working on putting a roof above our heads.

What a shaky start no?! Soon enough, everything was filled with laughter and happy chatter. The mood changed instantly, as soon as I say next to S.

It is this day, we were seen as a couple of the first time. And the first time I blushed thinking of the same. It’s this day, S shyly placed his hand on my shoulder and we posed for pictures together. It’s the first step towards our dream of being together.

It doesn’t feel like a long time at all, it’s only as if everything happened last week. But time doesn’t lie and it always feels great going back to the beautiful memories of this day.

Happy engagement anniversary, S πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Looking back on this day…

  1. How typical and incorrect english!! ‘not set only!’ thinking in your language and then writing in english! unnecessary Only’s! πŸ˜€ Many most many sentences!

    • Hello S, thanks for your comment. Just one thing – this is how I know my English and I cant help it. I write because I love to express my thoughts and not because I want to excel at my English. If you have any problem with my writing, feel free to skip my blog.

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