Five Point Friday

  1. Parents are back with me here! How awesome is that?! There were no plans or even talks. S left to Chennai this week and while coming back, he has brought them along. I love when something of this sort happens unplanned. I couldn’t contain my excitement last night and kept checking on them every minute. Amma brought her idlis with super tasty peanut chutney and milaga podi. S brought MIL’s special sambar. What a dinner it was! The house is filled with goodies – both from parents as well as S. One awesome weekend it’s going to be. This morning when I woke up, I didn’t realize the house is filled with people again until I saw S next to me. In just one day, my loneliness changed to utter happiness.
  2. At times I wonder how easy it is to work on your own rather than getting work done by others. I am in the middle of reviewing something done by my teammate and I cant say how frustrated I am about certain things not being done in the correct way. It’s like double work to me now, that too when the pressure is too high. I am making it a point to show the mistakes, so that they are not repeated again. Recently, I noticed that I was stopped mid-sentence more than once by more than one person. I got totally bugged. How can someone jump into a conclusion without hearing me out?
  3. I am getting very bad at choosing gifts. Not only for others, but for me as well. Fortunately, the sister was cool enough to tell me what she wanted for her birthday and I only had to order the stuff for her. She is now at the back of me to select something for my birthday and I am more than clueless. S is going to ask me the same question very soon. I don’t feel like getting gifts only.
  4. I have only read two books so far, this year. After a disappointing start with the latest Shopaholic book, I read The Pregnant King and quite enjoyed it. Ever since I read The Palace of Illusions last year, I have been talking only about Mahabharata. Though I knew bits and pieces of it before, it’s through Chitra’s book that I learnt a lot. I would randomly choose a part of the story and narrate it to S, at times. And that helps me research more. I had been looking for some more books based on the epic and that’s when I stumbled upon Devdutt Patnaik. Loved his style of writing and the way, he weaved a full length story out of one liner. I am trying to find some books on Ramayana too. Suggestions, anyone?
  5. We have been catching upon the movies of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series (Yes, we are too fast like that!) I am amazed to think of the creativity of the author, in those days. While I enjoyed the movies very much, I kept wondering how good it would be to read the books. I don’t think the magic will be recreated now even if I choose the books, since I know the story already. This somehow has made me want to read the Harry Potter series, after all these years. Thankfully I have not watched the movies, so I am planning to read the books sooner.

20 thoughts on “Five Point Friday

  1. Read Devdutt’s Sita on Ramayana. You can read his Jaya for Mahabharatha. Comprehensive awesome reads, both!

    And, enjoy your weekend. Have fun!

  2. Your birthday is coming!! Wow!! I wanna try the Hobbit and Lord of the rings series too, but somehow i don’t think i will understand them.
    Have a great weekend GB!! 😃

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