We were 4 and 2 year olds then, when I fell on the road. When I looked up, there was a bus coming towards me and on the other side, you were shouting my name to get up fast. After getting up, I realized what had happened and started crying. You wiped my tears and hugged me. Not just once but a number of times until we reached home.

We woke up one fine morning to be greeted by two big monkeys in our living room. While I started crying loudly, you came to my side, calmed me and comforted me. Instructed me that if we shout the monkey might attack us. For a number of mornings after that, you would come sit next to me and tell me that no monkey would come near me for you are there for me. You were only 3 years old then.

We were playing infront of our house one evening. You were not more than 4 years old. All of a sudden, the dog next door came of its leash and pounced on you. Not knowing what to do, I ran off to hide along with all our friends. You were all alone with that big dog, crying for help – looking for me. Later when you were rescued, you didnt question me once why left your side. The very night, I decided not to leave your side forever.

Every time you fell sick, I used to think our little play could cure you. I would pretend playing with you, trying to cheer you up. You would give a faint smile for me, but the fever never left you easily. When amma carried you to the hospital, I always walked two steps behind to keep looking at your face. I remember standing in a corner in the doctor’s room, praying that you should be sent home. At times my prayers were answered, bringing back peace to my little mind. Other times, the doctor instructed me to stay away from you and that you should be kept in the hospital. Spending the night thinking of you, away from you was the most difficult thing ever.

We were used to going together to school every morning, in our cycles. I would leave you in your classroom and then walk to mine. For every interval and the lunch break, I would come to your class to check on you. You would give me your brightest smile on seeing me. Most of the times, we didnt even had to talk. I would stand there, we would smile at each other and I would walk back to me class.

Some boys were behind me all through our way back home, every evening. You did pretend not to notice them for some days. But when you saw me crying one day, you scolded them, blocked their way and protected me in your small ways.

I went on a college trip for the first time, leaving home. When I came back, you didnt want the souvenirs or the chocolates. You wanted the word that I would not leave you and go anywhere again. When I decided to move to Bangalore for my first job, you were so angry that you refused to speak to me at all. But when it was time for me to leave, you put on a brave face and assured me that everything would be okay.

On the way back home one night, I lost my purse and all the money along with it. Late at night, it was you I could call. You were there for me, as early as 5 in the morning – to say not to worry and take me home.

Its is because of you that I am married to the person that I chose, inspite of the number of hardships. I cant even think of what would have happened, if not for you.

You are my best friend. You are my companion. You are my partner in crime. You are my rock support. You are my comfort. You are that elder sister and the brother that I never had. You are my first love. You are my everything.

Happy Birthday Chinnthalli.. May you stay happy and healthy forever!


33 thoughts on “27-01-2015

  1. Aww……she is a lovely sister. Better than you, I guess😀
    Happy birthday to her😃
    You know, I had to google what chinnathalli meant and the first result was, again the letter you wrote, a letter to you, papa 😃

  2. Many many Happy Returns of the day to GB’s sister 🙂 Have a wonderful year dear. “You are that elder sister and brother that I never had.You are my first love”..so beautifully said,GB. Same with my sister too..Sisters are the bestestest nah..Touch wood.

  3. Lovely post GB.. But initially i thought it was S and you and it is something like a Suryavamsam rosapoo love story 😝 after reading the next few points i thought it must b an elder sister.. But I’m wrong again right? Happy birthday to today’s birthday baby bcos i still donno who it is 😀

  4. Every sister post of yours makes me wish I had a sister 🙂 🙂

    May you have loads of loving times with your sister!! and belated birthday wishes to you GB’s sis 🙂

  5. This got me into tears, you know it’s so difficult to express sibling love, you did it beautifully. As an elder sis, I can only say the younger ones are our first baby no matter what’s the age difference is.

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