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Ok. I am not a facebook addict, nor am I very active over there. All I do is, change my profile picture every six months. Then why this post you ask? For the lack of any better topic for today. Already my overworked mind is drawing blanks and on top of it, the husband is watching Pongal sirappu nigazhchigal on Sun TV. Sigh.

Here we go.

There is one couple. I wonder if they have locked their brains in their safety locker, for they keep doing such stuff on FB. Ok, you can pictures, you post status messages, you send messages to anyone in your friends group. But you dont fight and make up on FB. Both the husband and wife send public messages to each other, as if they are whatsapping each other. If this is not the worst part, friends ‘liking’ these messages and commenting on these while taking their sides in the on-going fight. Sigh. If fighting on public is embarrassing, making up on FB takes it to heights. Statements like “Love u d pondaati“, “Nee than da en chellam” are so gross to read. Grrrr.


There are a couple of peopleΒ who think they are *this close* to being celebrities themselves because they know the friend of the friend of the cousin of some famous person. One opportunity they get to showcase this, they will use it to the fullest. One such person recently posted a picture of him with AR Rahman and wished him on his birthday – “ARR.. I love you, and I am one person who inspire you” These were the exact words, I kid not! The comments were quite funny though πŸ˜€


And there are theseΒ peter-putting people. One onsite opportunity, your FB wall will be filled with their selfies and status messages. They have to check-in their location every single time – even if they are in just *phoren* loo.


Then there is this newly married couple syndrome on FB. I dont know what happens to these people as soon as they are married. They have this impulsive urge to tag every stupid thing their spouse does for them. Imagine this – a guy got married and a couple of days later, he shares a picture of one very paavam looking dosa with a spoon of some runny chutney and says – awesome dosas for my breakfast today, thank you my lovely wife!

Couple of days, a girl from my school posted – “On d way to kodaikanal with my sweetheart. Wow scenic site in sleeper bus. Wonderful xperience” . I mean, really?! I can understand her newly married situation and all that. But that doesnt mean, she should be stupid with some bad English.


And there are people who share every random picture they come across in bulks. Like this girl, who shares a set of pictures saying “my team today” and next day “my team on the next day” and so on. Seriously!

Also there are people who try their best to make you feel jealous about their lives. By posting pictures from their 2012 vacation till date. In bunches and bunches at regular intervals. Most of the pictures would not even make sense. Sigh.


There are always one or more culprits who keep sending you the candy crush requests and for such similar stupid games. Even after trying to block these requests with no luck, you are forced to block them from your life.


I know what you all must be wondering by now – why am I still on FB right? Else, how am I to get fodder for my blog post πŸ˜€ No seriously, I am *this close* to closing down my FB account.


30 thoughts on “Stuff from FB

  1. Ah.. Look how this blogathon brings out stuff we couldnt say face to face. I love it!! And that husband and wife sound so very irritating. Unfollow them GB!! Its very annoying to hear Deepak calling his wife kuttima hundred times in that serial thendral 😜 so i can understand how it must b to watch it in real life

  2. I really think fb to be waste of time.. I deleted my profile 2 years ago and never have this need to create a new one again.
    Reading some of the episodes I think I should .. I know a few celebrities personally .. and have some pictures to prove too.. hey hey hey maybe I can show off tooo…

    Good idea.. He he he he he

  3. Lol at the newly married one :). This post is really funny, was smiling all through out, and tagging similar people from my friendliest in my head. Btw I might be one of those candy crush request wali friend to some of my network, few months back πŸ˜‰

  4. Lol! Do we have the same friends on FB πŸ™‚ There is one person on my FB who takes pictures of every stage of her cooking. Right from washing the fish/meat. Why, why does she think any of us would be interested in it, is beyond me πŸ™‚

  5. Oh these are very funny πŸ™‚

    I have not come across couples fighting on facebook, but I have a few friends who have to post their every move on FB. It is irritating to an extent.

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