First time…

  • Early morning shower – check
  • Big kolam – check
  • Quick cleaning of the house – check
  • Chakrapongal – check
  • Vadai – Check
  • Couple of full length karumbus – check
  • Small no-fuss pooja – check
  • Hearty meal of the said pongal and vadais – check
  • Pongal Pattimandram on TV – check

This is our Pongal for this year. After a lot of deliberation, we decided not to head Chennai for Pongal – for the first time since I have been married. For the first time, we celebrated Pongal in our house in Bangalore. First time!

For the first time, I am not feeling bad about missing my parents.

For the first time, I am not bothered about what others would say if I am not with the in-laws for the festival.

For the first time, I went about my tasks at own pace not getting instructions from others.

For the first time, I got to watch the Pattimandram on TV fully – not just listening to it from the kitchen.

For the first time, I got to plan how I wanted to celebrate the festival.

When we decided not to go to Chennai, I was in double minds. I know for sure our families would miss us. And I was not feeling very well about it. MIL would have a whole day of cooking work infront of her. No one would come forward to help her. Had I been there, I would take up half of the tasks. I would be pampered with late night mehendi sessions and my tummy would be kept full all the time. And then I would get to visit the parents, who would take the pampering to another level. Had there been a traditional bommala koluvu at home, I would have been busy decking myself up – right on time to receive all the guests coming home for the tambulam. And then, the time I would get to spend with the sister!

Yet, we decided that its time we started our own tradition – just the two of us. For a change, it felt really good as the time neared. S was seen selecting the juiciest of the sugarcanes from the market and I made multiple trips to the supermarket preparing for the festival. I wanted our first experience to be the best, not missing out on anything.

The Chakrapongal sure was tasty and my first ever Vadais turned out crisp with a prefect hole in the center. That should count as my first success right?! S wanted onions in his vadais – sure, why not?! I only lit two lamps and called it my pooja for the day – no problem, right? I stayed in my nightie, even while offering prayers – who is to question me? After writing this post, I plan on sitting with my Kindle for sometime before heading for lunch preparation – of course! I plan on wearing a saree and posing for a number of photos, later. This, according to me is the best ever festival I ever celebrated after getting married. No denying that I am missing all my people around me, but then this is a good change.

Here’s to our many more firsts and many more great memories!! 🙂


38 thoughts on “First time…

  1. Great… wishing you more of these moments to come.. I have been celebrating like this for past 7 years. Not that I complain but wish be in my native n chennai. My mom n inlaws were there for couple of times. I wish we could take off but never happens..

  2. I am recollecting a long lost conversation between us and am smiling ear to ear reading this post 🙂

    I am in my nightie for all the pujas, just when the guests come I change 😆

  3. This is exactly the kind of festival I would love to celebrate. With in laws, its nice and all but there is so much to do, so many traditions to follow, so much to cook, time limits that it doesn’t feel like festival at all.

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