Things I want to tell some people…

To the guy, who took groundnuts from the counter in super market  – Dude, its not cool at all. Infact, even if you had put a couple of groundnuts in your mouth in the name of tasting – its not right. And what you did is theft – to take a couple of handfuls to fill your pant pockets as if no one noticed you, as you casually put a hand in your pocket and enjoyed having a free snack while your wife was shopping. Its totally unacceptable and wrong. I am afraid for your kid who was watching you.

To the lady who jumped the queue at the vegetabes billing section – Hello?! Its not as if we are jobless that we are standing in the queue waiting for our turn over 15mins. You cannot by-pass the queue just because you have only a few packets in your hand. And no, you don’t get to defend yourself when I ask you not to do that and get back in the line. And no, you cannot sigh and psst loudly just because you were made to stand in the line.

To the guy who didn’t stop the lift – Stop being so selfish. If you are in a hurry to catch the office bus, so will be the others. You cannot force close the lift when you saw a group of people running towards it.

To the cleaning person who broke the clay Ganesha on my desk – Dear cleaning person, I am very happy with the way my desk looks. Please don’t move around or misplace the stuff on my desk. And more importantly, you do not get to touch my personal things. It was heart breaking to see my Ganesha lose a foot and the crown because of you. Sigh.

To every Tom, Dick and Harry who keeps asking me about baby/pregnancy – I cannot live my life according to your wishes. Please stop tormenting me now, with all your baby related questions. When I want something to happen, it will happen because its my life and you have no right to take it into your hands.

To the girl in office, who is good at politics – Can you please, pretty please stop with all the non-sense you are talking? Its tiring to hear from you. If people like you can just concentrate on your work and not poke noses into others’ business – life will be much better.

To the guy who kept walking two feet infront of us all the time during our morning walk – Sir, I know you are very competitive and all that. The hour of morning walk is the quality time I get with my husband on some days. Its not cool that you wont let us overtake you or when you overtake us again maintaining that two feet annoying distance. Thanks to you and your overhearing, I had to stay silent for most of my morning walk.

To the uncle who didn’t understand the concept of Sodexo – Uncle, the guy at the billing counter cannot give you back change when you give him Sodexo. You have to understand it at some point in your argument and leave way for others standing in the long long queue. What do you know – some of us would have to go back home, sort all the groceries and then prepare dinner before they can call it a day.

Wish I had the courage to tell it to their faces!

28 thoughts on “Things I want to tell some people…

  1. Some ppl in life really are gems.. They give us fodder to write to think to discuss and they help us getting upset 😉

    Just cannot do nothing about such ppl.. sad fact of life!

  2. All these people are so annoying…except for the cleaning person.It could have been an accident I guess. People jumping the queue..gahhh..And there is one group who has only 5 things in hand but as soon as biling starts..from all sides their relatives will bring 15 different products…

  3. I can totally relate to all of this.. People who bypass queues make me very angry. And those who talk loudly in office just bcos others should know how well knowledged you are in that topic. And jus like you i cannot tell it to their face 😐😐

  4. All are valid comments but we need to keep telling this to some or the other daily naaa. But first thing first. Please tell that uncle who walks in that annoying distance . That’s too much yaar

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