My Inner Reflection – 13

Ok.. I am kind of going to do a cheat post today. Dead tired from cleaning the entire house (may be topic for the upcoming days) and I have to now think hard about what to prepare for lunch. Thus, sharing this pencil sketch for the past.

If I remember correctly, this is my very second pencil sketch – again with nothing but one HB pencil. I was not even married then, but was fascinated with the different emotions that would show up on a baby’s face. I kept looking for pictures of babies that I could imitate and it so happened that I loved to draw this baby I kind of like to think that this baby is deep in thought. Agree?

baby thinking_WPIts time I picked up my pencils and sketchbook again!


20 thoughts on “My Inner Reflection – 13

  1. OH YES GB.. it is beautiful WOWOW.. You got talent for sure.. WOW.. I am in awe of you

    and this is not a cheat post , cheat post are the one’s that i am doing 🙂

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