Craft Exchange

When Tharani shared about her first Craft exchange, I was too excited to have heard about it for the first time. And when Tharani pinged me the same day asking if I really wanted to be a part of crafts exchange, I couldn’t contain my joy. Actually it was Tharani’s jhumkhas that caught my fancy and I was ready to prepare her anything in exchange for them. As promised, she dropped me a mail couple of days later which had the next surprise – Prachee was taking part too. After that it was total fun only.

Each of us selected what we wanted for each other. I was very clear what I wanted from Tharani – jhumkas!! But then being the sweetest person that she is, gave me some more options too. Anklets/Bracelet/Long Chain. I was totally loving the idea of anklets and asked her shamelessly for the same.

Prachee is another total sweetheart who asked me to go through her blog (she has one amazing blog for her arts/crafts stuff) to select what I wanted from her. The photoframe caught my eyes – especially those beautiful roses. I asked for the same shamelessly (again!).

Tharani wanted candle stands from me – now that was easy given I could get those small glasses. Prachee loved to have a canvas painting but given my circumstances, she settled for the bottled art *Sorry Prachee! I promise to paint something for you and send it across). I had managed to procure some bottles from the old-paper shop but none of them were appealing to me. My search for that one bottle kept continuing.

More than preparing stuff for my fellow bloggers, I loved conversing with them every week. The mail chain that was started by Tharani grew in size with our replying back and forth. Everytime I saw a new email from that chain, my face lit up! After spending enough time not doing anything towards the crafts to be exchanged, one fine day I woke up to an email from Prachee saying she is almost done. Tharani said that she is planning to complete her’s too. I bugged S endlessly that day until I had all my art supplies next to me. The very next day was spent preparing the candle stands and the bottle.

Although I had completed it all, I had to give them a lot of time to dry properly before I could ship them. When Prachee sent over her photoframe, I couldn’t wait any longer. Everything was varnished, packed, re-packed multiple times and then couriered. After some reminders and following-up with the courier guys, my packages reached them both.

Right from the time I sent them out, my mind had been racing. What if they don’t like it? Will Tharani find that the paint is patchy at the bottom? Is it ok that little paint had come off from the bottle while packing, Prachee wouldn’t mind? It was like waiting for exam results or worse than that 🙂 Thankfully, both the sweethearts accepted my stuff inspite of the short-comings! And that is why it is so much fun to take part in this 🙂

This is what Tharani sent me – Guess what, no one has ever seen handmade bead jewellery and were very impressed 🙂 Infact my MIL asked me to wear it on right away. I am treasuring them in my locker except for special occasions! That’s how much I love them 🙂

Jhumkas! :)

Jhumkas! 🙂

The beautiful beautiful anklets :)

The beautiful beautiful anklets 🙂

This is what Prachee sent me – You know what Prachee, S and I don’t have even one picture frame at our home. This is our first and very special one. Of course, we are still debating on which picture to put in – we will soon finalize. As of now, its decorating our TV stand. Everyone was very impressed with the finesse that you have made the frame and loved the roses – they are too good to be called artificial.

Not only did she make a beautiful picture frame, she made it in my fav color too! :)

Not only did she make a beautiful picture frame, she made it in my fav color too! 🙂

Now this is what I made for them –

The bottle I sent to Prachee :)

The bottle I sent to Prachee 🙂

Red and Blue Candle Stands for Tharani :)

Red and Blue Candle Stands for Tharani 🙂

I cant thank you both enough, for all the efforts and time you both had put it in – inspite of your busy life. Love you girls! 🙂

44 thoughts on “Craft Exchange

  1. Oh..GB..convey my special thanks to S for the bottle search and also to your dad for the awesome packing. And kudos to you and Tharani…lovely stuff..and that too handmade. I can’t be more happier. 🙂

  2. 🙂 🙂 Loved your account. Thank you once again for those lovely candle stands. I am yet to send you a pic of them lit in my new home. Will send you soon 🙂

  3. Oh wow, that’s such a wonderful event. Wish I could participate too. Loved all the crafts GB. You girls are so talented. I can imagine how worried you must have been till they reached as both the things you made were of glass. But yay, they reached safely.

    • Thanks a lot Seema 🙂 Wish you can participate too the next time 🙂 Yeah sending glassware is too risky. We packed it with so much thermocol that I am sure Prachee had lot of junk to clean 😀

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