The other day I was running late in the morning. I had a meeting and I was rushing to the office. Most of the times, the lift never comes down when its needed the most. While I was near the entrance, I could see a lift closing. Having no hopes that I could catch it, I slowed down. But to my surprise, it opened again. The guy inside the lift had kept it open until I hopped in. It brought the biggest smile onto my face and I thanked him profusely. Such a simple act, made my morning feel so good.


The MIL is such a goodhearted person. I cant think of anyone who would so selflessly help others. Number of times, she makes enough food that would serve more people than our family. And on such days, pookara-amma, pakathutu veetu velakaramma and many other ammas would come have a hearty meal at home. Not to forget the number of birds and squirrels that would have unlimited supply of food all the time.

For a number of times now, she has sent me back to Bangalore with a big bag of goodies including a lot of food, idli-dosa batter, sambar powder, rice flour etc etc. And all of this not because I wont prepare this for her son but because she truly cares for me. Lot of times, S would go back to Chennai after dropping me here and she worries that I wouldn’t eat properly.

Once Amma had run out of Sambar podi and she was not quite well to make it herself. MIL sent a big dabba of the powder to my Amma. Now who would do this?!

Whenever I feel low over some stuff that has been told to me, I think of these things that makes me recount my blessings.


If there is something that I can never bring myself to do, its the cleaning of bathrooms. I can clean the entire house, but not the bathrooms. All through our married life, its always has been S who takes up this task withoutย cringing even once.

I can hardly look at light, when I am down with the bad spell of migraine that shows its ugly head once in a while. S takes up the task of pressing my head for how long God only knows. I dont even think of food at times like these and unless I eat, the migraine wont leave me. Its like the worst deadlock ever. First, it used to be amma who would cajole me into eating a few morsels and now it’s S. His patience forย me amazes me (and all around us) at times. I can be at my crankiest best and he would still be kind-faced.


To reach my office, I would have to cross a double road. Now, this road has continuous traffic and at times I would have to wait almost ten minutes just to cross the road. And no, there is so proper signal or zebra-crossing. I am most frightened to stop the slow moving vehicles to run across the road (most of the people do this). So, I would wait until there is atleast a ten second ย delay before I can cross the road. Given my fear for crossing the road, S stays back everyday after dropping me to make sure I have reached the other side safely.

Yesterday, the wait to cross the road was exceptionally long. Suddenly, a bus driver stopped his bus and signaled me to get to the other side. I mouthed a thank you and ran across the road as I was stopping the moving traffic. After seeing some drivers that wont stop at signals or come in the wrong direction (that can directly hit you), I felt very thankful to this driver.



26 thoughts on “Thankful…

  1. you need a big Yellow ROUND sign that says STOP.. and put it up and then Cross the road ๐Ÿ™‚

    little things or actions give us the biggest smile..

    last week I was sitting in visitors room , maybe my face reflected sadness or something, a young lady was there too, she asked me whats the matter or why was i there, I explained to her and all she did was get up and give me a hug and smiled..

    that little gesture actually made me smile , i mean in todays world when our own dont have time for us this stranger out of blue and especially looking a fat ugly person like me ๐Ÿ™‚ did that ..

    even now when i am typing this comment it has brought a smile

    • Ahhaahaha.. Now imagine me walking with that big yellow sign board ๐Ÿ˜€

      Good bless that lady.. When most of us have no time to even properly notice things, her hug means a lot!

  2. You have no idea about the big smile I have on my face right now, after reading this post.
    There is no need for something big to happen when life is full of small and happy surprises:-)

  3. “Whenever I feel low over some stuff that has been told to me, I think of these things that makes me recount my blessings.” – That’s a great attitude to have GB. These days hardly do people overlook a few shortcomings, instead focus on the negatives more even if they are far and few.

    S really has a lot of patience. So sweet of him. May this love only increase with each passing day.

    Yes, there is still goodness in the world in the form of the one who kept the lift waiting for you and the bus driver.

    Loved this post. Made me smile and count my blessings too

  4. heartwarming post GB.. May God bless you with many many more such lovely moments.. same pinch on the bathroom cleaning ๐Ÿ™‚ It left it uncleaned for 3 weeks when M went to India ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Your MIL reminds me of my MIL a lot. She is known to prepare lots of food and give it away to next-door maids, postmen, cleaners, etc etc etc. People who meet me on the streets during my morning/evening walks never cease to tell me this about her. And, oh yes, she doesn’t mind sending me or my Amma dabbas of idli maavu or dosa molagapodi.

    S reminds me a lot of the OH. I am amazed too at his patience – the way he puts up with me when I am so crappy that I can’t put up with myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gosh! our MILs are so so similar ๐Ÿ™‚ From our past posts, I kind of know our husbands are alike in many many things ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yay to our awesome husbands and MILs ๐Ÿ™‚

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