Monday Musings

** After almost two weeks, the office seems full today. But I have zero energy/motivation to work today. *that explains this post*

** The house seems more than empty now, with parents back in Chennai. Everytime they leave from here, it creates a void in me and takes more than a week for me to get back to normalcy. That reminds me, I have to step into kitchen after 5 weeks to prepare dinner, all by myself tonight. Sigh!!

** Last evening, we were driving back to Bangalore and witnessed as many as atleast 20 different people using cell phone while driving (both car/bike) on the national highway. Their posture seems dangerous and they have no idea whats coming next to me or whats infront of them. Wondering where is their common-sense?!

** In one instance, a guy ran across the road (read crossing) in the middle of the highway, where the cars were zooming past. In just one second, our car would have hit him. I let out a huge scream which obviously scared S, but he reacted on time to save that idiotic guy. Needlessly to say, my heart was in my mouth. Moreover, we had only witnessed an accident a few minutes before this.

** On the way, we stopped at โ€œSunday Sandhaiโ€ at Wallaja. A number of vegetable and fruit shops were put up that I was suddenly clueless what I wanted. And then we got so excited that we got a big bag full of vegetables โ€“ everything so fresh and green. Its been ages since I heard the rates in 10s or 20s for a kilo/ kilo and half. After getting back to the car, I realized that it was atleast three times cheaper to the vegetables that I usually get here.

** I am wearing the new white stone earrings that I got over the weekend. Everytime I turn my head, I can feel these little earrings move and that makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, not everyone liked these at home. The sister selected these for me and I liked them instantly. Guess I am sticking to doing what I like, than to satisfy everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

** I recently read โ€œThe Shadow of Windโ€ and didnโ€™t find it that great. At one point, I was trying hard to not lose interest. Not sure why the book didnโ€™t work for me, I found it quite dragging. After this long read, I wanted something light and picked up the last from the Shopaholic Series โ€“ that was also so-so only. Now I am reading โ€œThe Pregnant Kingโ€ and have high expectations. *fingers crossed*

** Dad and I are like cat & rat at times. We have silly fights suddenly โ€“ most of our opinions differ. Even the day before we all started to Chennai, dad and I had a big argument (obviously for something very silly) and he went to bed without saying good night to me. The next morning, I went smiling to him and he hugged me. Thatโ€™s how our fights are. Last evening, he told me how he would miss the good times he had at Bangalore and I couldnโ€™t help get teary-eyed. We all have our own ways to love each other, I guess.

Now that I cant think of anything else, I will get back to working staring at my monitor. Arggh I so hate the Mondays after coming back from vacations.

24 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I too read the 7th book in shopaholic over xmas holidays. Disappointed!!
    Road la lots of idiots will be there. You’ve seen the ad right? Drive safe.. N hugs!!!

  2. You know reading this makes me want to go to work ..I have had to take 2 weeks off due to some reasons.. can’t wait to get to work.

    Vegetables so cheap wowowow. .

    Your little incident between you and your dad brought a tear .do extend my regards to your parents. I miss the arguments so much here not had fight with my mom for years now.

    I wonder when people will realise they are putting life in danger. . It’s fine they want to kill themselves but they have no right in jeopardising others.

    Take care. .

  3. Haahaha loved your post.

    Its so true. When Amma used to visit us, I never used to peep into kitchen,when she leaves I feel the voidness here.

    Getting back to the old routine is difficult too. I love the emotional attachment between you and your father.

    Stay blessed, stay happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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