I’m at a local super market, trying to procure some stuff to make strawberry cheesecake at home on new year’s day. We are looking at different aisles to locate some strawberry crush, but with no success. I nudge at S to ask a salesgirl.
S – Strawberry crush iruka? (Do you have strawberry crush?)
Salesgirl – ( shocked expression)
S – atleast strawberry syrup?
Salesgirl – ( bewildered expression)
At this point, another salesgirl points us to mixed fruit jam. 😀


At the same store, I’m looking for some pasta as the sister had been dying to taste some. Again after futile attempts to find a pack, S resolves to approach another salesgirl.
S – Pasta iruka? ( do you have pasta?)
Salesgirl points us to an aisle that has nothing related to pasta.
Not leaving the matter, S approaches another girl and while doing so he tells me “You should always ask for spaghetti, not pasta you know”. I’m trying hard to hide my smile.
S – spaghetti iruka?
SG – ena sir?
S  – kuchi kuchi ah neelama irukume … (the one that would be like long sticks?)
The sales girl then promptly sends us to an aisle with all ” anil semiya packets ” 😀


After serving cheesecake to everyone at home including S’s grandparents, I’m waiting eagerly to hear the comments. Not tasting anything remotely close to a cheesecake, Thatha goes into kitchen and then this happens.
Thatha (who is more than 80yrs old ) – Ithu ennadhu? Icecreammaa? (What is this? Ice cream?)
MIL( who is as clueless as him) – Ithuvaa? Strawberry am.. ( Oh this? It’s strawberry)
At this point, I walk in to the kitchen and Thatha breaks into his absolutely cutest toothless grin 😀


Ladies of all generations are sitting together talking random stuff. MIL suddenly brings the conversation about her birthday with Aachi (S’s maternal grandmother).
MIL – Ma.. Do you remember the year that I was born?
Aachi – Oh yes!
MIL – Then tell me.. Every document of mine has different birth dates.
Aachi – Aavani maasam ( in the month of Aavani)
All of us break into a laugh but aachi is clueless. She keeps repeating Aavani only.
MIL – Haiyo Aavani is the month.. Every year will have Aavani.
Aachi (with the most cutest expression) – Oh idhula ipdi vere iruka?! ( Oh is it like this?!)
More laughs surround us 😀


It’s dinner time and MIL is serving us food. After she had served a couple of spoonfuls to me, I tell her its enough.
MIL ( with her hand on my shoulder) – Innum konjammmm sapdu maa.. Innum konjam.. ( Have some more.. Just a little more)
I literally melt over her love and nod with a smile.

Before coming over to in-laws’ for the new year, we dropped my parents at home ( they had stayed with me for a month). As per the plan I’m to go over there for the weekend with sister also joining us. Now when I told my dad I was going to be at super market the other day, pat comes the reply from dad – ” Even I’m planning to come over there but amma is not letting me”. Just to see me for a few minutes, he has bugged Amma to come to super market with him. Isn’t he cute?!



36 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Dads are always like that 🙂 whenever appa drops me at hostel or when he s leaving by train, he would turn and say bye to the point where he cannot see me :). Hope you had a lovely time at home 😀

  2. The 1 st two snippets had my sympathy GB. Been there. Experienced that. I always wonder why those sales assistants tail you like a conjoined twin but then, stare blankly when requested for help! :O

    Your MIL sounds like a very warm person. And, thatha reminded me of my paati. Cuteness! 😀

  3. mixed fruit has strawberry maybe she meant.. take the strawberries out and use that 🙂

    did you use the strawberry in the cheese cake then 🙂

    I hope you had a bit more than 🙂 he he he he

    and yes awwwwwwwwwwww .. my regards to your parents 🙂

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