2014 – A look back

I had been thinking about what 2014 meant to me, all through yesterday. And when I looked back at my 2013 post, I realized that not many of my thoughts had changed last year. And yet, it feels like a lot has changed.

Inspite of trying very hard, our hopes to get settled together in one place didn’t seem to materialize. Every failure meant a lot of heartache. Many a times, I broke down and lost hope too. If not for a wonderful husband like S, I don’t know how I would have managed. With every failed attempted, I could feel my dream moving a little further from me. I also had seen S go through the worst last year. A number of times, I was worried for him though I hardly mouthed my feelings. In the past when challenges were thrown at us, its S who gave me the strength to go through them – thanks to his ever-positive attitude. 2014 was so hard on him, that he was completely shaken at one point. Surprisingly, I took a positive stand and helped him go through some tough times. S and I have grown so much as couples last year. We stood for each other, inspite of the number of problems that were thrown at us.

We finally moved out of our old dungeon house and moved to a new home. And it did miracles to our lives. This is our biggest highlight of 2014.

Dad’s retirement was the next biggest thing. Having worked in the same organization for 38+ years, he was thoroughly missed by all his colleagues. Needless to say, he made us all very proud. It also meant that the parents could travel much freely now and they stayed with me for more than a month for couple of times– for the very first time.

Work-wise, it had been the busiest year for me – the most happening one. What with a surprise promotion and all that.

The construction of our new house was completed and we could have our gruhapravesam too, inspite of the number of uncertainties clouding over us.

From not being able to take a single holiday over the last couple of years, we could take some time- off for S’s birthday last year. It was a much enjoyable one, with parents joining us.

We filled up our house this year, bought new stuff – after 3 years almost.

I invested a lot of good time in painting and other artistic stuff, making it one of the best years arts-wise. I also enjoyed reading quite a lot of new authors, last year.

Looks like it wasn’t a bad year, after all. Except for our separated lives, everything else has gone pretty well, it seems. I am hoping 2015 would bring more positivity in our lives. I really hope!


20 thoughts on “2014 – A look back

  1. you know the last few lines of the post made me realise one thing that , when we look back I am sure no year is that bad .. life is such ups and downs.. when we are happy we tend to remember the good times and when sad we do otherwise ..

    Here’s wishing that the new year has everything you have dreamed about , my best wishes GB… happy new year once again to you and everyone around you

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