Hello 2015!

It’s new year again and another year passed by very very quickly. It feels like I only just took part in 2014 blogathon, really! Am I the only one feeling this?! With 2014, I had high hopes and even now nothing has really changed except for the year.

I was a person who never made any resolutions until last year. First, I was not sure if I would be disciplined to keep them up for more than a week and the most important reason was that I was lazy! Investing time thinking through how I want to change myself didnt amuse me much. But last year got me thinking hard, and I only made a couple of resolutions. The best part is, I have kept them up for most of the year. That means, I am more than inspired to resolute to few things this year too.

** Making exercise a part of my routine – I can proudly say that I never stopped working out even for a single day out of laziness or procrastination last year. S and I started walking together every morning whenever he was in twon, which was such a welcome change. Even Monday mornings seemed blissful, thanks to the serene lake and our morning walks. At times, I was obsessed with my weight-loss, but a good hearing from S would bring me back to form. More than anything, I have stayed healthy and thats the most important thing. Am going to keep my motivation high and keep continuing my workout routine – not minding only about the weight number.

** To find a reason to smile everyday -As far as I can remember, I was a happy kid. Happiness never had to be forced. With life throwing challenges here and there, I had to consciously remind myself to be happy, to keep a smile. A small change as this could make life so much better. I managed last year pretty well, whether I was alone or had S . I am still working towards reaching the ideal happy place, but now I am far better than my 2013-self. I am hoping I can turn 2015 a happy one!

** My life is what I make of it – This is something I should really work on. Till date, I take every remark/comment to my heart and end up suffering unnecessarily. I should listen more to myself and tune out of the unnecessary stuff. Knowing me, its such a tough thing. Sigh. But I am going to keep trying.

Ok – thats it. Just these three resolutions – Simple and safe ones. I can call 2015 a huge success if I can manage with these three resolutions.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year! 🙂

For all of us participating in Blogathon 2015, all the very best! I am more than excited to be a part of this, cant wait to get into crazy blogging 🙂 Lets have fun! 🙂


26 thoughts on “Hello 2015!

  1. Its a pleasure to read you anytime, and everyday? Awesome only 🙂

    So good to see you following your plans GB, it takes will power to stick to them 🙂

    Happy 2015!!

  2. GB dear..wish you a splendid 2015.may all that you wish for come true…we are so much alike,GB in many aspects..the last bullet of yours, I need to take it up as well.

  3. Happy new year! Congrats on the first post of the marathon 🙂 I have shared a pre-configured dashboard including all blogs participating in the blogathon! Do check it out on my blog if you are interested.

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