The one where I am random…

Every day in the last couple of weeks, I come determined to write something on the blog only to miss by the end of day. My motivation to write here has reached new lows and as such nothing is catching my interest these days that deserves recording here. For the sake of posterity and also to keep this blog alive, I am writing a few pointers from the last two weeks.

>> S and I went on a movie date- an impromptu one, that too for a night show. This after almost two years. Only after reaching the movie theatre did I realize that S was running high fever and I was very sleepy too. Nevertheless, we stayed through the movie with the help of coffee and popcorn πŸ˜€

>> S and I took turns to fall ill. First it was my turn to take care of S and soon S had to do the same for me. Only good thing was atleast one of us were fine to take care of the other. I still cant say the cold and cough has left us completely. Sigh.

>> I planted some more mint stems and within a couple of days, new leaves showed up. We now have a couple of gongura plants too. One afternoon, S wanted to see if the gongura leaf would actually be sour and we both tried a leaf each. What sourness!!! I can still feel my teeth tingling πŸ˜€ Soon, I plucked a couple of mint leaves and I am must say, it was like tasting the minty Center Fresh πŸ˜€

>> I booked tickets to Tirupati after dad kept complaining after me for 13456 times. The last time we were in Tirupati, I made the decision to not go for darshan as it was taking more than 8hrs that day. Dad has been scared ever since. How could we go until His place and not get His Darshan is something he is still trying to understand. And I am still trying to understand why he has to be scared. Once everything was set, we all met up in Tirupati for a day of Darshan. I saw sister after almost three months and I fully utilized the opportunity to squeeze her tightly and irritate her to the maximum. Ohh how much I miss her!

>> Tirupati darshan has improved a LOT from the last time I had been there. Ofcourse, there were some stupid things too. First, they had emergency exits clearly marked. How far those exits work with a crowd that huge is still a question. They were supplying free milk to infants (which of course the adults hogged). Another important update is – people going on Rs50 and Rs.300 queue are to come only in traditional clothes. Whats new in this you ask? Girls with no duppatta were made to stand out separately (not new again). When I thought these idiotic norms are for girls only, I got a shock knowing that the men are to report in Dhoti or Kurtha/Pyjama only. Now this caught many of them unawares and that became the huge business point of many others. A cloth as small as towel and as thin as tissue paper was sold in the name of dhoti. Men struggled. Literally. Trying to keep the flimsy dhoti on, during the pushing and pulling in the queue. I was chuckling inside πŸ‘Ώ Thankfully for S and BIL, they had good dhotis in hand.

>> Reading has taken a back seat suddenly. I am not over enthused to read as before, this inspite of the fact that I am reading one of the most interesting books – The Palace of Illusions. I plan to complete that soon and get back to my reading spree.

>> The morning walk is much more enjoyable, thanks to the new headphones. I am getting to listen to a lot of new songs. After almost three years, I did yoga again over the weekend – wow that felt really good. I am hoping to bring it into my routine soon.

>> In a couple of days, we are heading to Chennai for S’s best friend’s wedding and for reasons unknown I am pretty excited. Mostly, I will be the only girl in the entire group and still I am not bothered. I am planning on sarees and jewelry for the different functions in the wedding πŸ˜€

>> Yesterday I was invited for a baby shower function in our building. The fact that I don’t know Kannada meant, I had to have this stupid smile plastered on my face the entire time. Everyone who attended the function had only one thing to say about us – we are very silent and at times they wonder if we are at home at all. Shows both S and I are big introverts. I really wish atleast one of us were different in this regard. On other things, I had Rava Kichdi, Kesari bath, Mangalore bondas, Mothichur Laddu, Badam milk – all totally yummy πŸ˜€

That’s all for now. Hoping to get some motivation to blog more often.

20 thoughts on “The one where I am random…

  1. Here’s hoping for some motivation for you! πŸ™‚

    I have the same feelings as you about the Tirupathi darshan. Things have become so commercialised there, we hardly feel like going for darshan. Sad. 😦 I am sure that is not the way things are supposed to be.

    I am the only one in my apartment who does not speak Malayalam, so I understand what you mean in the last point. People often behave as if I am not there at all, and talk over my head in Malayalam. 😦

    • True, TGND. Its very sad. Most of the temples are commercialized these days. Sigh. There is one Balaji temple near my house, where any seva ticket is costlier or equal to the one in Tirupati.

      Oh! I so wish I can get rid of my inhibitions and start speaking in Hindi. Learning Kannada is not happening anyways.

  2. Do share your plantation pictures GB …
    And, tc of you n S health.. the weather now killing people…
    Enjoy the function & lastly, start reading! One of the most enjoyable hobby for ladies!

  3. I have noticed this that we usually make a comeback at the same time!!

    Cold & cough! The less said the better, this year has been bad for I & Arnav on this.

    Enjoy the wedding and eat a lot πŸ˜€

  4. Hello GeeeBeee πŸ™‚
    So good to read about your life and I am hoping to catch up on your missed posts soon πŸ˜€
    I am struggling to make a come back to blogging after infinite failed ventures before. Come on girl, get active on the blog so that I have company to keep me blogging πŸ˜€
    πŸ˜† at the description of those tissue paper & handkerchief dhotis πŸ˜†

  5. All these new rules in Tirupati ?? Same pinch on no motivation to read or write,GB. S and I are bigger introverts,GB. My neighbour of five years commented saying what a silent couple we are and that she has not heard our voice from either of us all these years. Have a nicetime at the wedding GB:-)

  6. Just finished a marathon of blog posts which I had missed till date. I have a broadband at home now πŸ˜€

    Hope the marriage was fantastic, the kalyana saapadu more so πŸ˜›

    S sat through a movie in high fever 😯 Quite a movie buff eh πŸ˜€

    Always say ‘kannada gottilla’, thats what I do whenever I am invited πŸ˜†

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