The one where I don’t know how I feel..

No really. Not only my hands and legs are numb, my brain is numb too. Guess this is what happens after a long weekend.

Coming back to Bangalore, it hit me hard that the house is going to be empty. With parents staying with me over the last month, there was never a dull moment. The huge kolam at the entrance reminded me how amma would draw a beautiful kolam every morning while I go for my morning walk with dad. The small Ganesha idol on the table brought back memories of dad trying idol making at home with the help of some leftover clay and me teasing him with amma joining my side. Kitchen seemed like an alien land to me, with amma taking it over fully. The budding new leaves of mint and gongura plants remind of the times Amma and I planted them together, looking for new leaves every morning. One look at my running shoes, I remember the race Dad and I had every morning competing with each other to walk faster than the other or to cover more distance. Every minute, I get reminded of their absence and miss them terribly. Sigh. Wish some things never change.

Being in Chennai for deepavali means only one thing – getting pampered. I stayed at the ILs for most of the trip and I can say that I didn’t even have to raise my finger for anything. All I did was to eat and sleep. Apart from that, deepavali itself was blur- except for the long mehendi night I had. I can still smell fresh mehendi 🙂 Though I had a couple of new sarees, I stayed comfortable in my old nightie – MIL doesn’t seem to mind anymore too, if I can keep those three bunches of jasmine flowers and the couple of paneer roses in my non-existent hair. Towards the evening, we spent some time looking at the fireworks. Thanks to the rains, the little of our crackers also refused to burst. Yay! Compared to the previous years, this year people were satisfied with just a few sarams here and there.

The most fun part of this trip was meeting my besties. We talked, talked and talked some more. Its like any number of days would not be enough for us to talk to each other, how could we be satisfied with just 3hrs? Its like all our lives have changed drastically yet nothing has changed. Our loud chatter competed with the louder rain outside, our laughs filled the room as well as our hearts. I had a smile plastered on my face even hours after I came back home. Aah the magic of friendship!

There is a bulk of difference between parents staying with you vs you visiting them. I turn into a kid as soon as I am at my home. I don’t have to worry about anything. I do become a kid when parents stay with me too, but then its like I have to be the responsible adult at times. Like, gas cylinder getting over at the most required time – I need to jump into action and call the agency, ensure the cylinder is arrived. At home, its like things are being taken care of. Hehe. I stayed for a day at parents and needless to say, it was pure bliss.

A mix of emotions is what I am feeling now.


2 thoughts on “The one where I don’t know how I feel..

  1. Yup I so understand the difference between parents staying with you vs you visiting them, for me when when the parents are at your home,we constantly try to engage them, entertain them, impress them and when visiting the maiden home it’s like only leisure relaxed time.

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