Dear Husband,

I thought long and hard as to what to write for your birthday. I have much to say, but as usual mind draws a complete blank as I try to write about you. Where do I start or what do I say? Ok. As you turn 28 this year, I am going to write the top 28 reasons that make me fall in love with you everyday.

S, I love you…

… for your big kind heart.

…for the lovely person that you are.

… for your everlasting determination.

… for your perseverance.

…for being the most understanding husband.

…for the way you make me feel.

…for tolerating my short temper.

…for being my rock support.

…for your never-give-up attitude.

…for having BIG dreams.

…for your ever helping nature.

…for being so patient all the time.

…for refusing to grow up sometimes.

…for appreciating even my worst attempts.

…for putting up with my mean ways at times.

…for the annoying fact that you are so good at math.

…for the sweet little surprises you shower.

…for easily forgiving and forgetting.

…for putting up a bold face even in times of utmost difficulty.

…for bubbling with positiveness all the time.

…for the trust on me.

…for finding new ways to irritate me everyday.

…the little and big things you do around the house for me.

…for never leaving my side.

…for treating my parents as your own.

…for holding my hand every single time we walk together.

…for being my best friend.

…for each and every moment of love you shower on me.

Reasons are many to fall in love with you, but I am stopping with these 28 for this year. On this beautiful day, I am grateful I have you in my life. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and let all your big dreams come true.

With love,

Your wife.


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