Hospital stories and Retirement…

Amma finally visited Pinni last Friday. The resulting happiness is incomparable to anything in this world. As I said, it was during my wedding we all met. And even then, it was a couple of days. Now Amma is going to be with her for almost a week and clearly everyone is very happy over there. These are two sisters who have not stayed together for almost 12-13yrs now. What with in-laws still forcing rules on them and making them adhere to the nonsensical formalities. I can never imagine not meeting my sister for more than a month. Shows how much of personal sacrifices ‘that’ generation has made.

I believe we have something to learn with every difficulty we face. With my Pinni falling critically sick, true colors of some people have come out. Never did we imagine these people to take advantage during a situation as critical as this one. Well, I now know who are ones that are to be avoided.

Time and again, I am terrified of our hospital systems. My pinni had a high fever of 105deg for a day only. At the hospital, they reduced her temperature and sent her home. As soon as she came home, she fell down with a fit. She lost the ability to speak completely. Again taken to the hospital, they diagnosed it as a weak nerve between her tongue and brain. Gave medicines for some neurological symptoms. Her fever shot up again and she did complain of chest pain. Again, fever was treated. By evening, she fell down again. And thats when they saw her platlet count was as low as 15K when the min was atleast 1.5lacs. She was at high risk admitted into ICU. And as if all this was not enough, she had her period too. With such an alarmingly low platlet count, an internal bruise meant excessive loss of blood which didnt stop at all. Any amount of platelet tranfusion was not helping her condition. Everyone of us knew what this situation meant. Still, we all prayed hard for her safety. But guess what some of our relatives did – instead of reassuring, scared the hell of out of my uncle and cousins who ended up crying endlessly. They didnt stop there – called a number of our relatives and scared them too. If anything, these people should have been supportive and not the other way round. Lucky for my cousins, my pinni got her consciousness just a couple of minutes to say nothing will happen to her. Actually if not for my Pinni’s cooperation and confidence, doctors agreed that they couldnt have done much. Today, she is still recovering and should be under complete rest for atleast three months. As much as a small cut on her fingers while chopping vegetables could be harmful to her. But the good thing is, she can speak normally again (so much for the neurological symptoms found by the other doc) and is out of danger.

Dad’s retirement was just around the corner too. He had a number of tasks pending what with the hundreds of formalities. He was literally runningΒ like a headless chicken and was obviously not aware of things happening with Pinni, not that he didnt bother. He couldnt have got a leave with his retirement so close and the option of amma travelling alone was out of question. Both Amma and Nanna didnt know the real situation and the risk Pinni was going through. One thing I realized is, it literally killed me to keep Pinni’s health condition a secret from Amma. You know whats happening and you know what could happen. You also know what should be done but there is no way to make it happen. You end up praying hard and cry. I did that only. Not to mention all those people who would guilt you into thinking that you are not bringing your amma for one necessary visit too. Sigh. Thankfully, Pinni was out of danger just a day before dad’s retirement and peace was restored atleast temporarily.

Dad’s retirement was such a grand event. Friends from far and beyond poured in to wish him and attend the GM’s farewell function. While some people had tears in their eyes, some advised us to take care of him for them. Everyone agreed that he would be immensely missed and no one could ever replace him. My Nanna was a very happy man. They raised slogans while sending him off and this one stood out for me “Ramanujam of XXX”. A very proud moment for all of us. Some of his friends came until our house and we had to quickly take care of them. While the sister and BIL took over the snacks section, I was stuck with tea preparation. I would have made atleast two litres of tea and this from a non-lover of tea. While the tea was praised, I had severe headache from smelling only tea. I have decided that I am not making tea until 2027 πŸ˜† In other news, dad now has atleast half a cupboard filled with shawls and most importantly – turkey towels, thanks to all the farewells. We even considered opening a sale πŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “Hospital stories and Retirement…

  1. So glad to know that your pinni is well. Even my aunt and PIC were affected. Infact my aunt is maybe 40 something and she went exactly through the same thing. Even PIC’s platelet count was 15000 and then 17000 and again 13000. And that is not periods! It is a very dangerous sign. Bleeding happens in men also. For recovery you should give her goat’s milk without boiling (only three or four spoons at a time at regular intervals) and juice of papaya leaves (wash the leaves properly)
    I don’t know if you know this, just wanted to share. I know what you must have gone through.
    Your papa’s retirement ceremony reminds me of my FIL’s ceremony. He worked in the same company for 38 years. His retirement was a grand ocassion. I couldn’t go but many people came home and I had to so much of cooking and I was pregnant also. I can understand this situation also! We were lucky with gifts, they gifted him a huge silver plate and a smartphone.

    • Thank God its all over now Deea. I can totally understand what you must have gone through. I will surely let my pinni know of your useful suggestions.

      I am so glad you could relate to it πŸ™‚ You were pregnant and had to cook so much?! Big hugs to you, that must have been exhausting. Oh dad got a lot of useful gifts too along with those towels *sheepish grin* πŸ˜€

  2. Glad your aunt is doing better rey…hugs hugs hugs..and oh all the best to uncle for retirement…I am sure he will have something planned to keep his days busy πŸ™‚

  3. GB dear….must have been a very proud moment for all of you πŸ™‚ I get goose bumps as I read on uncles colleagues raising slogans . Best wishes to him and wishing him a very happy and peaceful retired phase of life πŸ™‚ glad that your aunt is out of danger now and prayers for her full recovery soon..Hugs GB .

  4. Hi,

    My names Kavita..This is the first time i am visiting your blog and would never miss a post from you henceforth…You write that well..I went through the same emotions when dad had a surgery some days back.You reminded me of all that..(i am saying in a good way) of how we realize the true colors of our “so called relatives”

    Wonderfully written and hats off to your style…Loved it

    Looking forward for more such piece of gem from you.


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