Quick Update and Big Thanks

I thank all of you lovely people who prayed for my pinni from the bottom of my heart. She is out of danger now and recovering slowly.  She has been shifted to normal ward. She will be under observation for few more days but she is getting better.

I just came to Chennai and rushed to Amma to give her a quick update and to check on her. No prizes for guessing how she was – more than scared and very weak. She cried as soon as she saw me and then again everytime we spoke about Pinni. Distance really kills sometimes. Sigh.

My cousins, as I said are pretty young but their level of maturity is commendable. Pinni’s platelet count was as low as 16000 when she was admitted at first. After platelet transfusion it improved a little but dropped back to 15000 next evening. I got call from one of uncles saying its all out of hands and that we should bring our amma to see her sister. First, it was not a news I was expecting to listen and secondly, I didn’t know how to react to the tone in which he said. He didn’t stop there but informed some people incorrect info which kept passing around reaching amma in turn in the worst possible way. When I prodded him further, he said it was his view on things. To heck with it, we thought. Amma wanted to see her sister and we tried everything too but it wasn’t the right decision. One quick call to my  cousin, he too suggested against our plan. We had no option but to play the wait game.

Today when I called my cousin sister, she said “Akka.. if pedhamma had come then, it would have been so difficult for her to see amma and she couldn’t have stayed long. Now if she comes after amma is home it would be nice for all of us. That’s why we asked you not to come ” Not only that, She kept asking us to be bold everytime I spoke to her. I can’t say how proud I’m of both of them, acting all grownup and matured unlike the actual grownups.

Thanks again to all of you who prayed for my Pinni. Pls continue praying for her.

PS – Pls ignore any typos or grammar mistakes as I am typing this post from my mobile and have no time to do spellcheck.


20 thoughts on “Quick Update and Big Thanks

  1. Distance indeed is a bad thing especially in bad times.. I been in some situations and I know..

    Good to hear that your pinni is getting better and soon she will be home. .

    My prayers and regards to all elders..

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