We might not talk regularly. We might not meet often. What keeps us going is knowing that our close ones are safe and happy, wherever they are. That is how my relationship is with my Pinni (Amma’s younger sister). The last we all were together was for my wedding  – such happy times we all had together. Amma had been wanting to visit her for almost a year now, but then one thing or the other came up. Both the sisters understood the circumstances and were content with their phone calls.

Suddenly last weekend, Pinni fell sick. After the checkups and stuff – she was sent home with medicines only to have her condition worsened overnight.  She is now in ICU with her platelet count dropping every now and then. We are at this end, not really sure whats happening to her or what the doctors are really saying. Both my cousins are so young but they are very bold. Its us who are losing it everytime we think whats going on. Amma on the other hand is in such a situation where she cant travel immediately and is very nervous.  Different people call her throughout the day giving different information, scaring the hell out of her. No matter how much we comfort she panics.

We are not ourselves for the past couple of days. I can hardly eat/cook/sleep. My thoughts keep going around different things I remember about her and tears keep flowing. As I am so helpless, I keep chanting God’s name to give her strength to withstand this and to come back home safe.

Please keep my pinni in your prayers, if possible. She is such a nice person who hasn’t harmed anyone but has to go through so much pain which she doesn’t deserve.

32 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Hope she comes back safe. Really sad that you have to go through this tension. Be brave. I know how hard it is to be far away in times like this. Be the support your mom needs now. Hugs to you.

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