Happy Birthday Blog!

WordPress says its 3rd anniversary for my blog today and why is it so hard for me to believe? It feels like only yesterday that I signed up to blog, inspired by some of my favorite bloggers. I mean its three years I have been writing about my life here and I still have a lot to say!

Blogging has opened up a whole new life for me, needless to say about the awesome friends I have made here. For me, this is the place where I am being myself – without any inhibitions or have the fear of being judged.

I now have a whole bunch of my favorite blogs that I read everyday (or used to read until work started killing me slowly) but then three years ago, it was her blog that inspired me to have my own. Her magical way of writing the daily stuff pulled me to her blog every day. I was drawn to the concept of blogging so much that I opened a new blog. For almost a year, I was invisible (not that I am visible/popular now). I hardly commented though I read a lot of blogs and even when I did, I never left my blog name. One fine day I had a surprise visitor who left me a comment and oh boy, was it a cloud nine moment or what! Soon, she followed suit and I had a handful of friends who would leave comments. Slowly, I grew confident to leave a mark of my blog whenever I commented and my dream world of blogging was built.

Today, I have best friends from blog world who don’t even know my real name or identity and yet, we share so much with each other. And that’s the beauty of blogging. I am gone for a couple of weeks, I get asked if things are okay. I post about something that’s upsetting me, I get consoled immediately. Art and painting that was confined only to my cupboards sees a lot of appreciation here. What I have as a blog is more than just a blog to me now.

So, happy birthday blog! Thank you for being with me through my ups and downs. Most importantly, thank you for keeping me sane! 😀


28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!

  1. Aiyo really? I didnt know I inspired anyone to write at all *blushes*

    But glad I did, because thanks to that, we get superb recipes, awesome stuff which you and S do artistically AND get to read fun stuff too 🙂

  2. Blogging can be so much fun no 🙂 Happy Birthday to your blog…

    And even I am writing on blogging…lemme finish the post 🙂

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