Heartburn and making up

When did I become this person that I don’t recognize anymore? When did I turn so bitter, vengeful and mean? And most importantly why?

So S invited a couple of families that I least expected to our house warming function. Nothing wrong or bad. But when he broke this news to me, I was so mad that I could feel the fumes coming out of my ears. Just so we were in our morning walk and that I cant scream, I was silent. All the while letting the anger boil inside. Yes, I didnt expect these people at our family gathering. More than that, I didn’t expect S to do that to me, without my knowledge. Of course it was not intentional on his part. He didn’t think once before taking those decisions, forget discussing with me. Of everything happening, this was the least I expected from S. Most of my hurt was from the fact that I was not aware of our own guest list. Again, it was not intentional on part of S. If it had been, he would have never shared it with me. In his defense, he says he didn’t feel that to be such a big thing to be shared with me. And I lost it again. In the end, it was more and more hurt. I refused to speak to him even after he accepted his mistake and said sorry like a 100times and when I did, I kept going back to the same incident. So much that I pushed him to the very edge, that left him feeling very hurt.

That’s when I got thinking. This is so not me. Who are these people anyway? I hardly met them during our wedding. If these people can push to such an extent that I can hurt my husband, its not good. There is a lot of stuff going on, and I just lost it on this particular issue. I went up to S, said a sincere sorry and promised not to talk about the incident again. I have been feeling guilt ever since. I cant get to take off that image of S with pleading, sad eyes looking at me from my mind. When did I become this beast?! Sigh.

Most of the weekend was gone with all this stupidity on my part and if there was some saving grace, that’s our artwork together. S was completely ok within a couple of minutes, back to teasing me and making me laugh. I wonder how can he be so nice all the time and very patient with all my anger testing on him.

So, back to the happy times. S got me almost 8 new bottles and I had been on a roll. After the first couple I made, I made a center piece that could go with the both of Love themed ones and I liked them a set. Just as sister expected, I said I would love to keep all of them for myself. When she was about to explode, I made her the same theme on mini-wine bottles. Now those looked absolutely cute and she was back to her happy self 😀


I made a couple of peacocks on beer bottles with alternating colors.



The last set that I made yesterday were with the mini-wine bottles again, with some vibrant colors. I tried different textured patterns with thread and added some more paint later. For something I thought should take less than an hour, these took almost two hours.

m_IMG_5656 m_IMG_5658

I have many more bottles but the fact that there is no place to put these kind of made me give a break. Once I give away some of these, I will be back painting more. I almost forgot to mention, Amma has been so mad at me for bringing these used wine bottles home. I don’t know how her reaction would be, if I drop those peacock painted bottles over to her 😀


38 thoughts on “Heartburn and making up

  1. The peacock ones are awesome, GB. Actually wait.. All of them are awesome. Is there a chance of you moving to Hyd? I can take those extra bottles while you can keep on painting! 😀 😀

  2. Hey…don’t worry GB,,it happens sometimes, good that u guys have sorted it out.
    Bottle art is as always beautiful…you are tempting me to try it … 🙂

  3. I find the peacock ones the best and even the last few images are like wow!!!!! Loved the way you experimented and broke thru the black n white combo!!!

    As far as the other thing is concerned, well, we all our humans and sometimes it is the combo of circumstances which makes us react the way we react. The only thing that I can say is, before loosing your temper sit back and think “is the anger really worth it?”

    • Thanks a lot Smita. I too like the peacock ones better than the rest, but then they look a little dull compared to the others – probably wrong choice of colors 🙂

      I should really do that. But at those times, its like my mind is not working at all. Anger takes over everything. Sigh. Thanks for the hugs.

  4. all of them are awesome GB. . I too like the peacocks bottle better than the rest, but then colour is bit dull. No worries your drawing on it makes it up! And, I like the mini wine bottle with tread also. the colours attracting me! “hugs” Well Done!

    If you have any plans of selling it than I would be one of your customer…but poor thing Im in Malaysia 😦

  5. Wow o wow, I love all the bottles 😀

    I wish you consider opening an art cafe, or join Soul Santhe 😉 each and every piece of your art is so beautiful, even if you do not intend to sell them, they present a pleasing sight to sore eyes 🙂

    Feeling angry and losing temper is not the main issue. It is a matter of concern if you do not admit that you are sorry, which you have already done 🙂

    • Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I agree with you Visha. Those few minutes are completely out of my control and then, once the anger subsides I know what I have done. Am glad, I didnt speak any harsh words though. The fact that I was silent with anger only hurt S the most.

  6. Wow, each one of those recycled bottles looks so beautiful!

    LOL @Amma getting angry with you getting used wine bottles home. My Amma would have had a similar reaction, too, I’m sure, had I done something like that. 🙂 I am sure she would have no words to scold you when you hand her those peacock bottles.

    Again, you are so talented!! I can’t even think of something like this!

  7. I tried tried the criss cross thread turning but after a certain point of time lost the patience.. tell me a thing how you made that hand 😦 🙂 I want to do a one like that 🙂

  8. as I said earlier also you can open a small online thing, and sell them.. I would definitely buy for sure 🙂

    and take care 🙂 its best to talk rather than keep it in always

  9. Know what you mean about the pleading eyes…I have been the unforgiving beast too../happening much too often off late..we just learn and grow I guess!
    The bottles are oh-so-pretty. Haha at your mom pissed that you are bringing these bottles home..my mom would be too!! Totally get that:)

  10. wowww gb.. lovely creations.. peacock art is awesome.. I showed them all to Adi.. She is trying the foil painting. After the glue dried it is not as thick as it looks before drying.. any tips? she is a little upset but planning to make another one.. I hope she gets to finish one..

  11. What Visha said. It’s okay to feel angry and lose it at times. What matters is you made up 🙂 Don’t be so hard on yourself Gb. Emotions are what keep us alive ..

    Your bottles are so so beautiful! Recently we got some wine on our way back from Thailand and the bottles are really cute. I was thinking of what I could do with them apart from the vase idea and there ! I see your awesome post 🙂 I loved the last ones, abstract and so cool! I also liked the doodled ones, especially the peacock (so must effort!) but probably the work would be more evident in other colours? Though I must say that orange and grey are so classy, just that maybe the pattern is so intricate 🙂

    • Emotions are what keep us alive – very true Kismi 🙂

      Thanks a lot dearie 🙂 I agree too, I should have chosen better colors 🙂 I cant wait to see what you make out of your wine bottles 🙂

  12. you did the right thing by letting out the bitterness and apologising to your husband. People who do not mean much to you, should not be allowed to affect your relationship with the people you love.
    Anyways, I love the peacosk bottles ❤ Are you in any mood to give them away 😛 😉

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