And I did it too….

Following S and his instructions, I did some of the embossed aluminum foil paintings too. Much to my surprise, last weekend turned out to be quite artistic for both of us. The entire of Saturday S would have gone out atleast ten times to get different items to quench my artistic thirst. We now have supplies that would last for a lifetime for these paintings and many more Β πŸ˜€

As soon as I am done with one and think its enough, another idea would pop-out. And there we would be sitting in silence working on our pieces, building the art together. Do you know what we both did the first thing getting up on Sunday morning?! Spent an hour painting πŸ™‚ This is like my wildest dream coming true. Just when my back was not giving in anymore and anxiousness to create more was not coming down, I asked S to hide all the art supplies. S thinks I am possessed by these art supplies and my ideas, and I don’t deny it. Not just an hour passed, we both were back at the table working on our next design. I don’t know how this happened to us, but it did and we had three paintings in hand.

This is the first I made. A very simple pattern and while doing this I fell in love with the process of this painting. It happens that S loves this one much more than the other two πŸ™‚


A closer look!

A closer look!

The next one has a few more materials used like kitchen tissues, small plastic lid and such like. S was not very keen on this right from the beginning but I had my mind set on making this happen somehow. The most difficult part was getting shapes using tissue paper and then working on the foil around the sharp edges and painting it. I kind of liked how it turned out. The sister has pre-booked it already πŸ˜€


The last one is inspired from my Amma’s rose flower patterns from my childhood. I know I didn’t do much justice to those flowers like how my amma used to do, but I am glad I did this πŸ™‚ Its like carrying a part of my childhood through this painting.



The process of this painting is very simple – all you need is a little patience. Let me know if any of you are interested to do this, I can do a detailed How-To post πŸ™‚


34 thoughts on “And I did it too….

  1. as they will say in punjabi oh WAH JI WAH

    awesome .. and no dont say its simple .. yeah simple for a master like you .. not for dumbos like me .. its herculean task for me as i read the post ..

  2. wowww… you are amazing GB.. is there any tutorial for this? may be I will show to Adi.. I wish she meets you some day and you introduce her to some of your talents..

  3. exactly i had same question in my mind.. how did u do it.. in my art class, we had those special tools for embossing and we would draw design, then emboss it from back side, then there were special paint for it.. we used to apply it with cotton and it used to dry up so quickly, second coat makes it look ugly.. so we had to do it in one go.. nail polish removed was used to removed the paint from unwanted areas..

  4. Liked all three of them, the first one a little bit more than the others. πŸ™‚ Each one of them is very beautiful!

    Both of you are so talented, like I keep saying.

    Please do the detailed how-to post. I would, most definitely, be interested in that.

  5. It’s good to have a hobby you are consumed by, GB. Very good. Necessary for getting away from the stresses of life, forgetting them, and entering a new world altogether. πŸ™‚ If you have someone to do that hobby with, all the better. πŸ™‚

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