My Perfect Dinner Date

Who wants a fancy restaurant as long as you have got mouthwatering food and the person you love the most next to you, to make it the most perfect dinner date?  More times than not, I love to plan an elaborate dinner and to set up a romantic table – with just the two of us. Being the food lovers that we are, we don’t shy away from eating hearty or exploring new cuisines. As much as a dinner is about good food, it’s also about how one serves it. I believe in the thought that the food that is appetizing for the eyes only makes it to the stomach. Most of my cutlery are family preserved, hand-me-downs that I truly treasure. But at times, one needs a modern touch too and that’s why I have my Borosil Cook-n-Serve ware, which comes most handy to me especially at times like these. If I have to plan a romantic dinner, my first choice would be Italian. What can be more romantic than Italian food served in glass ware?!

To start with, the cream of Broccoli and Almond soup with slivers of roasted almonds on top adorn the table, served in the Borosil Baby Gourmet Bowls Set. May be it’s the golden light from the candles or may be it’s the fragrance of the soup or may be it’s the glistening bowl set, all I can say is that we are already transported  to a different world, our dream world.

I make some mini pizza appetizers with fresh cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with a touch of pineapple pieces and bits of jalapeno. What makes the pizzettes more alluring is my set up on the Square Platter. A bite into it brings a bomb of flavors to our palate and before we know it, all pizzettes are gone between our random talks!

With spaghetti in tomato sauce being the most favorite of the husband and the macaroni-cheese being mine, I swing between these two ideas for long. Macaroni-Cheese wins hands down. And yes, I am a good wife 😀 While we were savoring the soup and pizzettes, the mac and cheese is bubbling away in the microwave, that I can bring right to the table – thanks to the very trendy looking Fluted Borosil Dish. It’s more a feast to the eyes that it becomes unstoppable for us to take multiple helpings of the pasta.

After this very satisfying meal, one cant say no to dessert – especially if it happens to be Mango PannaCotta – made with fresh Alphonso mangoes. Now this is something I could prepare in advance, set it up in Canard Borosil Tumblers and pop them into the refrigerator. And right on time, they are ready to be brought to the table – looking absolutely stunning.

There! We had our special dinner date, in all the comforts of our home yet in a very fancy way.

I love it when the cookware can become the serve-ware too and it’s a blessing if it can be bake-ware as well. My Borosil set is one of the best things that happened to me recently! Again, who needs star restaurants when you can have all the same at home?! 🙂


This post is a part of My Beautiful Food Contest on Indiblogger.


10 thoughts on “My Perfect Dinner Date

  1. EXACTLY .. you know I am like that I dont like going to fancy restaurants .. firstly because I wont know how to handle myself in Posh places .. secondly Home food is home food nothing can beat that ..

    I do go to restaurants but I get a take away and sit home and EAT nothing can beat that 🙂

    by the way all that food when are you calling ME to eat all that .. tell me that first 🙂

    • I liked your honest comment Bik. One of the reasons why I dont like posh places too. I cant do hushed tones and S will go into hibernation only 🙂

      I would love a take away though 🙂

      Next time you are in India, pls pls come 🙂

  2. you painted such a beautiful picture, GB. I felt like getting pretty utensils and have a candle-lit dinner at home with S-Man. I eat out of plastic containers and this post rekindled my desire to get a proper dinner set that I had been longing for so long.
    All the best for the contest!!

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