Too Spicy or Too Salty?!

I believe in our name being written over every morsel of food we eat. Amma tells me the same too. Unless you are destined to eat that morsel of food, no matter what you do, you dont get it.

And we experienced it last night.

I badly wanted to eat noodles and that too Schezwan noodles. When S told me that he could treat me (what?! I won a bet), I ignored him with a heavy head and started the work in my kitchen. Carrots and beans were chopped finely. Onions and garlic were made ready. I had one bottle of Schezwan Sauce handy, thanks to the weekend offers. I should have better known about this sauce or better – should have prepared my sauce like I do always. So, back to the story – It was all very fragrant in the kitchen with all the vegetables getting roasted well and booom – I added the sauce. Stirred in the cooked noodles. Beautiful looking food on plate happened. One forkful in to the mouth, I swear S jumped to touch the roof. Too spicy. I mean, too too too spicy. Whatever sauce I was using was three times the triple schezwan sauce. Sigh.

Still keeping my head very high, I kept eating it not minding the spice levels – remember I thought it was best looking noodles ever! S on the other hand completed one jug full of water and half a carton of juice – all for a couple of spoonfuls. Not only that, he took away my plate too, for the fear of me burning my intestine or something.

Next it was his turn to do something at the kitchen. Not listening to my cries of “there is some dosa batter in the fridge”, he decided to get the noodles right – the second time. Again, we could have saved ourselves. No. He had to make some Ching’s Manchurian Noodles out of the pack. Though they were not the best looking noodles, (I know better from my good looking noodles), I gave it a try. And this time salt was the culprit. Sigh.

In the end, we had some of the too spicy noodles and some of the too salty noodles and lots of water. . Looks like someone wrote our name only in water 😛

Learnt it the hard way that, when you win a bet and the husband is ready to treat you – utilize it instantly 😀


16 thoughts on “Too Spicy or Too Salty?!

  1. happens. The other day I made ‘punjabi kadhi’ combining two recipes and added salt to boiling kadhi totally forgetting that I had added salt to the batter too. Usually I add less than required salt so even though I added it twice it wasn’t that bad. Eating with plain rice balanced it 🙂

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