Whatever is bound to happen…

…will happen no matter how hard we try. That is where fate or destiny acts up. I don’t believe in horoscopes. I do believe in a supernatural power, preferably called as God. Over the past week, few of the incidents made me think a lot.

I have never seen S pray to God on his own. No matter how hard MIL tries, he does what he wants to do only. No doubt, he accompanies us to temples or takes part in the festivals. But I always thought he is not very religious. Last week saw a major U-turn in this regard. He went to Tirupati all on his own, as he felt like praying there. We all gaped at him in awe, not sure how to react. He tells me not only he did feel the divine power, he even shouted “Govinda Govinda”. When I told this amma, she said – Only those are destined to go can go see Him. I would like to believe it, as we all have been to trying to go there for the past 2yrs.

S and I were to attend a close friend’s engagement function in Chennai on Monday. I had been dreaming on wearing a saree for so long. I even spent my spare time making my choices of jewelry. I had packed two of my sarees too. Although there was only one issue. I didn’t want to get ready at the in-laws. First, Chennai is too hot to drape a saree without AC and second, I didn’t want 4-5 molams of malli poo on my head.

I planned the trip in such a way that I would at my parents, where I have all the independence and comfort to get ready as I like. Guess what happens – there was no power at all from early morning 1 and it didnt come until it was time for us to start. I had to drop my saree plans and wear a salwar. It was pitch dark, thanks to the sudden rains at night and I was sweating profusely. S being S forgot some of his things and we were forced to go to in-laws on the way to the function. Now guess what happens – I am given a lot of flowers, new bangles, earrings to go with my dress – something I didn’t want to happen.

As soon as we were on our way again, I had to remove the flowers as I was starting to get a headache. But guess what happens as soon as I enter the function hall – the very nice aunty not only gives me lots of malli poo, but also a red rose. Sigh. There is no way I can deny those flowers without getting all the ladies in the room to turn their heads at me.

I know my malli poo and saree incidents are so petty. But doesn’t it show without saying that whatever is bound to happen will happen no matter how hard you try?!



14 thoughts on “Whatever is bound to happen…

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have experienced this many times too – whatever is bound to happen will happen, any which way. Even if you never imagined it, sometimes.

    But then, my logical mind asks – if that is fate, if I am will anyway get what I am bound to get, what is the importance of work? Of my thinking? Of my good karma? Of the things that I do? Why should I work hard if I am bound to lead a good life tomorrow? Any answers?

    • Oh in my case I have never been fortunate of good luck. My luck always works against me. Same with the destiny thing too. May be I relate it so – like if I am happy with something, I think of everything I did to deserve it and as soon as something bad happens, I tag it with the luck or destiny thing for the lack of better answers. I have wondered all the same as you, TGND. I have seen people who did a lot of good get away with life, whereas the ever good ones are caught by Him. I dont understand any of this and I am left wondering only all the time.

  2. very right .. what has to happen will happen. .but we still try to change it all 🙂 and put a lot of effort in doing so

    and being religious doesnot mean you have to spend hours in a temple 🙂 to me every GOD says .. the God resides in our heart.. so if we keep out hearts good .. then that in itself is being religious. .. I am not saying i dont visit a gurudwara , I do rather I go to one Everyday.. I getup at 6 go to my gym and on my way back go to a gurudawara for 2 minutes.. go in the hall. lower my head and come back .. thats it 🙂 I would not go to one and sit for hours .. that to me is of no use because in those 2 hours imagine how many thoughts cross your mind which are not religious .. so whats the use 🙂

    and hey now tell me what all did you get to EAT at the wedding he he hehe I know i know its all about food to me ha ha ha ha ha

    • I liked the way you talk to God everyday Bik. I do almost the same 🙂 Hehehe.. had a feast at the function, thats for sure. I dont want to temt you further with the list 😀

  3. So true GB. I am also a believer of ‘if something is to happen, the universe will conspire to make it happen’.
    The malli-poo part cracked me up. I am not too fond of having flowers in my hair and Amma keeps telling me it is not auspicious to say no to flowers when someone offers. So sometimes I resort to sign language or else, mostly, I just smile and accept, and as soon as I am out of their eye sight, I remove it and keep it somewhere:P

  4. Oh yes .. It is so true .. Even my reading this post was so timely .. I just came and sat in from of the laptop with a heavy heart .. We had to do a hall booking but it somehow got delayed .. And we just found out that someone else has also requested on the same date and we may not get it .. Cursing our procrastination, I was flipping through blogs and I stumble upon this post!
    Thank you so much for the wisdom you have shared. Reading it made me feel so much better 🙂

    • Ohhhh.. Hope everything is sorted out now! Hugs to you.

      I am glad my post made you feel better and you should know that this comment today made me feel so good 🙂

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